Sunday, July 10, 2011


I have joined a Community Singing Group im not really a great singer but its for fun, i used to be in a choir when i was around 11/12 years old in primary school i remember we had loads of practice and we had to sing at some school thing that was on later in the year, but then i grew lingual tonsils, after singing for a bit my throat gets very sore and i start to cough.

Anyhow we are being taught to sing through our diaphragm and not our throat, what we where taught was to breath holding under our breast bone.

After singing for an hour it seems that i had been using my diaphragm properly as it started to get sore, felt funny not being sore anywhere else but my diaphragm, when i told the singing teacher it was getting sore she was happy for me as she said i was learning to sing properly.