Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Different types of people

Seeing what was written on someone Facebook page it started to really annoy me.

People seemed to be putting down other people who had different interests to them. As usual it was the so called "Intellectuals"

I wrote that all people like different things and people should accept that and if people like to watch and talk about soap operas it was ok to do.

The comment i got back was that i could go and watch soap operas if i wanted but there is also documentaries that you could watch and how they are much better to watch as soap operas are crap and each person who watches them is an idiot, how they hate being at family events as their family talks about certain shows, whos to say that what she enjoys talking about interests people and others think she talks pretentious crap

Myself i rarely watch soap operas as they dont interest me, but if people like them whats wrong with that, i often do watch documentaries and dont watch much TV.

Its how the world works that each person likes different things.

It annoys me that there are still people around who think they are better than others as they enjoy different things.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dog Sitting Part 2

Ive had the dog now for a bit over a week, am so surprised with how he now acts me with.

Took about 4 days and he was allowing me to pat him and give him treats by hand, not long after that he was wanting me to pick him up and cuddle him like he is a baby.

My friend is childless and has said she treats this dog as if he was a baby, when i held him he snuggles under my chin and flattens himself against me.

She is very surprised that im able to do this as usually the dog stays at her sisters and he wont allow her to pat him, where here i am he wants to be with me 24/7 even wanting to sleep on my bed which she allows him to do, i can do almost anything i want with him which is very strange but makes it so much better for my friend as she knows that he isint upset and wondering where she has gone.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dog Sitting

A friend of mine has a pet Chihuahua and she has had to go away for a few days, she has asked me to look after her dog, the thing is the dog is very timid. He is used to being around her and her pet cats only so you can imagine he is looking for her and she is also worried about him.

I read that pet Chihuahua's both demand and give affection to anyone who they trust. They are bold in the way that they will move quickly to see what is going on, but will swiftly move to avoid any actual action. They can also be very strong willed, intensely loyal and will become very attached to their owner if treated correctly. In fact, it may turn to jealousy in certain instances.

But all is going well with him, i am basically ignoring him and he is getting closer and closer to me even to the point of coming to lick me, which i read is that he is starting to trust me a little. Now and then he climbs onto a chair i have behind me and goes to sleep, i took a pic of him while he was asleep and sent it to his owner so she can feel better about him being with me.