Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What to write, what to write

Im sure there are some things i could write about, but i really cant think of any...

Hmm lets see what have i been doing
Well i edited and created a newsletter for the area i live in, the newsletter has been going for awhile and they wanted to change the look, so i designed a new look for it, it has a new front cover has an index, everything to do with certain things are on the same pages; eg childrens activities.....

At the moment i am making a flyer to do with a birthday, i sit and make a few to try to get my creative juices working properly and also to give the person i am making them for a choice of what it could look like.
They are strange people though, the one i would choose as it looks more creative and well i think better she dosent like, she likes the plain boring one, go figure

So that people is what i have been doing lately, i love when i can create stuff, well most of the times, doing the newsletter can be a pain in the butt as i have to read what people send me and cut loads out for it to fit and make it not to wordy.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Neighbours Cat

I’ve been looking after my neighbours cat giving it some attention and giving it bits of food daily, lately it has been sleeping on my doorstep, when I open the main door the cat is there, making noises im not sure what the cat wants, my only guess it wants food or be patted.

At the moment it is sitting on said front step and scratching at the door, i think it wants to be let in to sleep here, but as i have a bird it is not going to happen.

Anyhow I got home today and the cat had left me a little present, it had killed a mouse and left it on the doorstep.
I know that means something but im not sure what………….

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Been busy and dont really wanna write anything

The last week has been busy for me, so i dont feel like writing....

But i found this pic as i was browsing the net and even though the characters are naked, it is a cartoon and i like it as it shows many types of females in the world...



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doggy went today

I was woken by a call at 9am, the RSPCA had rung to say they where picking up the neighbours dog called Milo, i rang the owner who wasent home, the RSPCA getting there before the owner, i kept the RSPCA person talking to try to make her forget the time she said she could stay, luckily the owner turned up.

Owner has filled in the forms and the dog was taken, poor thing she had to be put in a cage which she didnt like one bit, i was talking to her telling her she was ok, the RSPCA person picked her up gently and placed her in, once she was in she seemed ok as she was smelling the cage, probably could smell the other other dogs that had been in the cage previously, she is gone now, and hopefully someone nice will get her as she is a lovely dog who loves children.

They have said that the dog will be kept at the centre till they can try to find a home for her, bye bye Milo i hope you have a happy life....


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I had a question how did the bunny rabbit become a symbol of Easter?

So i went in search for an answer and this is what i found:

Rabbits and eggs are both symbols of the fertility goddess Eostre/Ishtar/Ostara. Her symbol is also the moon, in which some cultures see a rabbit instead of a face.

Eggs also symbolize the moon and are the ultimate symbol of creation and new life. The basket is a symbol of the womb in which this new life is carried.

The feast day is pagan and was widely celebrated way before the time of Jesus. Like pretty much all holidays, it was adopted by Christians to help get more converts. However, since the point is to celebrate new life and the hope of continuance, Christian symbols of a Resurrection day and the old pagan symbols mean the same thing.

Just like Christmas, we are all celebrating the same thing, just using different symbols.

If anyone else was wondering, now we have an answer.....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Man Impales himself

While searching the net i found this about a man in London who tried to break into the East London Museum.

There are some pictures of course and some are a little disturbing

They say that crime dosent pay, Karma had got at him, do bad and you be punished and it seems to have happened instantly to this guy

The story here is that a thief tried to break into the East London Museum. As he moved about trees and attempted to burgle the museum, the thief set off the museum’s alarm system.

Spooked, the robber tried to make his get-away by shimmying down the tree, he lost his footing in his panic and fell, rectum first, into a waiting spike.

The thief of course was by now screaming out in pain and looking for help. A man passing by finally answered the thief’s poor, poor cries. After the police arrived they saw the man needed some help getting down.

It took the firemen, who arrived after police, actually bending and finally cutting the steel spike so the man could have it removed from his rectum. I think it goes without saying that this guy suffered just a smidgen of intestinal damage. He still faces charges for attempted robbery, and will spend long nights in jail.

You shouldnt do bad, as you see, life has a way of getting you back

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Neighbours Dog

The people who live next door to me have a dog, it once belonged to the boyfriend of the daughter that lived there, the boyfriend and daughter have broken up, the daughter moving out of the house and leaving the dog there, they also have a cat.

The dog never gets any attention from the lady who lives there and rarely gets feed, i feel really sorry for the dog and often buy it food and give it some attention.

The lady living there said that she wanted to get rid of the dog, but as the dog is micro chipped in the boyfriends name, she cant do that.

So i rang the RSPCA to explain the situation and they where going to come and pick the dog up yesterday, she was surrendering the dog

The dog didn't go as the women who lives next door is not home, she has left the cat and dog to fare for themselves it seems for 3 days so far.

I should say the lady has epileptic fits and her memory is bad from having them, but the daughter lives about 10 mins away and wont come look after the animals either.

I am waiting for the women to come home so i can get the daughters phone number, then i get to ring the RSPCA up again and hope that either the mother or the daughter will be home for the dog to be taken, which wont happen till next Tuesday.

We where told that if the dog cant be re-housed it would get put down, as the women has said and what i think, if the dog cant get re-housed and gets put down that's fine as then the dog is not suffering next door.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Something i wrote

I wrote this the other night and thought some might like to read it

a little white chick
went walking one day
his feet moving forward
taking step by step
whistling along his way
one day he saw a path
all white shiny and new
he wasent sure where the path went
or what he was to do
he placed one foot down
felt light shine through his body
not sure what was happening
he jumped back in fright
shook his head sideways and felt alright
the road sparkled softly
trying to show all was right
that the little chick could walk here
enjoy and dance if he might
with this knowledge little chick moved slowly testing at first
with every step he took he felt he would burst
from the joy moving up his body
and making him grin for all his worth
this little white road you see
was goodness and joy all built into one
if you ever see a shiny white path
walk along it and see
maybe how the little chick felt will wrap you up in its glee

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Top droppers of Entrecard for March

Its that time again and here are the top droppers from Entrecard

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The Kay Way 5
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Blog Contest Station 5
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