Monday, November 30, 2009

Ringing Nephew

I had to ring one of my nephews S, and usually he calls me T not my full name and i thought it funny he was using my full name.

It seems his girlfriend who is supposed to be hot and all that is jealous if another female rings him on his phone.

He asked me if i could tell her i am his aunt, so he moved the phone near her and i said im his aunt and he thanked me for it, but i couldnt hear her at all.

Seems strange to be jealous of every female that rings him, and why is my nephew with someone who gets this jealous, i hope he dosent end up staying with her as his life will be misserable.

One of my ex boyfriends girlfriend after me was very jealous, this one time a few months after he and i had broken up i receive an email from this women i didnt know asking me who i was as she had found an email i had written to him around 7 months previously and telling me how my ex boyfriend was a cheat.

1. he is my ex boyfriend
2. i have moved on with my life
3. HE IS MY EX BOYFRIEND, who cares if he cheats.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love is forever they say

It seems a man in Vietnam loved his wife that much that after she died he didnt like to be seperated from her.

It seems his wife died in 2003,as he was so traumatised by the death he started to sleep on top of her grave, he did this for 20 months till he got sick of the cold so decided he would try to have his wife with him another way.

He decided to dig a tunnel so he could be by his wifes grave when he wanted too,his children noticed the tunnel and stopped him from using it.

What he did next sounds really weird, in 2004 he dug up his wifes corpse and took it home with him he then moulded a figure around the skeleton using clay and dressed the body up in women's clothing and make-up.

Every night he has his wife by his side as he slept

Mr Van was quoted as saying. "I'm a person that does things differently ... I'm not like normal people,"
Would you go this far for someone you loved, im not sure i would want to dig someone from a grave and have them in my house.
There are a few people who i wished hadnt died but life moves on and people die and you learn to live with it.
Imagine if no-one died, how many people there would be on this earth, but then you would find out some interesting things of what happened say in the 1800's, that i think would be fun to find out.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bumping into an old friend

The other day i was in a shopping centre picking up a few things before i went home where this person stopped me looking at me asked strangely Tr i said yes and she goes OMG

The person was someone i used to work with and someone who i used to go out with every week to Oxford St in Sydney (before you ask im straight, i have gay male friends)

The last time i had seen T was around 15 years ago, it felt so strange standing there talking about what we used to do, about going to a Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and a Sleeze Ball, she started talking about one of the guys we used to go with A and how he now lives in London, i told her about the other guy G and how i had just started talking with this guy again.

When i got home i added her to my facebook page which i was then able to find the guy in London so we have started talking now, it seems strange, i have memories of the first time he told me he was gay as he dosent act gay.

My reaction was ehh so your gay who cares your still you, he stood up to give me a hug as im guessing he thought i wouldnt want to know him afterwards, i couldnt care less if he is gay or not it is just a sexual preference, not who he is. He was and im sure still is a very sweet nice guy who used to make sure i was protected when i was out with them

People were we worked used to ask me if he was gay or not, my answer was always that i didnt know, as to me he was still A, so what if he likes guys.

Looking at his picture on facebook, sure he has aged as im sure i have, but i still have the memory of this sweet young man who i used to go out and have fun with every week.

Now all i have to do is keep in contact with these people as i am really bad at that, if i dont see someone for awhile and dont talk to them that way i rarely ring, sms or email them.

Wow thinking about this brought back a memory, around the time i started going to Oxford Street was the time i bought my first mobile phone, a Nokia 100 Analogue from memory it cost me $495.00

On the left here is a picture of what a Nokia 100 looked like, wow it seems strange.

The phone on the right is the phone i have now a Sony Ericsson c510



Friday, November 13, 2009

Waking Early

As i work at night time and sometimes dont get to sleep anywhere between 4 -6 am, i rarely wake up any earlier than 1pm.

A few months ago i had a clean up around my house and bagged alot of things that i thought i might be able to sell

This one place i do volunteer work for i usually turn up around 3pm and see what needs doing, but as i had my bags of things to sell i got there at 9am ( they have a market day every 2nd Thursday, people can go there to sell their items for free)

Needless to say everyone was shocked to see me there at that time, the manager in shock asking what i was doing there at that time (no-one seems to believe i can get there early)

Anyhow i did sell quite alot of my things ( i went there with 6 big garbage bags and ended up with 1) i ended up making close to $70 for waking up early for once and on things that i would have normally thrown away, pretty good hey

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost a car accident

Yesterday i was driving home from work and got to a roundabout and another car was going to be turning right, knowing i had enough time to go around i started to move

It seems the guy on the left of me thought he could move as well and he moved

Luckily i was traveling slowly and that the roundabout is pretty wide as the guy came out from the left (a P plate driver) and almost hit my car, as i normally watch pretty carefully as im driving we luckily didnt hit, but i was thinking OMG what if i was going just that little bit quicker, i would have been in a car accident.

I had to stop my car in the middle of the roundabout or we would have hit and he just drove along like he had to care in the world.

I hate when that happens, it always seems to be the other person hitting my car as people seem to be impatient

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Waking Up

I dont usually wake up till the afternoon, sometimes not till 3pm which is really bad.

But today i woke to a knocking on my door, (it was around midday), when i walked to the door and opened it, it was one of the men who lives downstairs standing there.
He had a wallet in his hand that looked alot like mine and it was it seems i had left my wallet on top of my car yesterday, which come to think of it could have easily happened (i was doing 3 things at once).

Anyhow thinking it was probably my nephew banging on the door i went and opened it in one of my most worst nighties and now i feel moritifed that i answered the door this way and half asleep.
It was not actually how i wanted my neighbours to see me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Where I Live

Where i live you would find many different type of people, there are many nationalities that live here the top country of births in the last census where:

52.2% Australia
5.7% Viet Nam
4.0% Fiji
2.8% Lebanon
2.1% Iraq
1.4% Philippines

But today i found out that one man who lives around the area is as phedophile he looks about 50 years old, it seems that he had previously paid a younger boy to perform oral sex on him.

Today it seems that he walked up to this women who was holding a baby and started to harrass her and push at her (to me you dont touch anyone who is holding a child), she turned around and hit him breaking his glasses when he fell down.

This area has many children walking around an a shopping centre, the man had walked into the shopping centre with the children (who are around 10-15 yrs old) following him, then the children stood around him telling him to buy them stuff and not leaving him alone till he does, from what i saw he had bought them smokes and food.

After that i found out that he is known by the police and they are keeping an eye on him.

He is a creepy type of man and i always wondered why i felt strange when he was around me and now i know, but ewwww

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Neighbours Party

Went to my neighbours today it was her daughters birthday, she was 12, seems so strange watching them growing up...

Ive been here around 5 years now and i remember to go buy her a present it was just a doll or colouring in books, but now she is 12 i have to buy her more grown up things, what i bought for her was some stick on nails, glitter tattoo's, a lip gloss and some bendy pencils, i still wanted her to feel like a little girl a bit which is why the pencils, but i suppose the pencils are grown up as well....

After i left there i went to a community garden that i have and go sunburnt again, i seem to like being sunburnt lately lol

Now i have a cake in the oven a Banana Walnut cake, just waiting for it to be cooked, which reminds me i should go check it bye