Wednesday, August 24, 2011

70's and 80's Music

Growing up in the 70s and 80s i of course heard the type of music that was going around at that time, it surprises me how people who who are around 15-25 years old like to listen to music i grew up with where i listen to music that is around now.

I thought i would share some of the songs i found on Youtube the other day 1 of the bands i had forgotten about Southern Sons, while in Youtube i found some other old goodies to listen to as well all these bands are Aussie/New Zealand bands Dragon, Mondo Rock, Daddy Cool, Pseudo Echo and Kids in the Kitchen.

Enjoy some of the music i found...


Sunday, August 21, 2011

What have i been doing

I know what i want to write about on here but i am researching it before i write it so i know what im writing about.

Other reasons i havent written is that it is time for the newsletter i put together for where i do volunteer work.

Articles where supposed to be given to me a week ago so i have a chance to edit them which i do at home n
ot allowing me to write anything here. Putting the newsletter together i used to be able to do mainly at home and i had time to put things together, now i have to go in the office where i do volunteer work which means i need to find time to get there and sometimes when i have days i can be there the place is closed which is what happened last Friday.

There is now a committee for the newsletter to try to make it easier for me, which it dosent really do as others in the committee think that it is ok to give me the information the day that the newsletter is supposed to be finished which of course puts me back in time with some of them wondering why i havent finished it.

So yes im ranting and raving and yes i will be bringing this up at the next meeting cause instead of making things easier and teaching someone else how to do the newsletter its not happening at all.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feed up With Lunch

I found this on the net the other day and thought it was pretty interesting.

It is about a women Mrs Q who one day forgets to take her lunch to school she works at and decides why not buy what the students eat each day at school, what she got was a Bagel Dog, as she says

"It was this massive amount of dough covering a hot dog, plus tater
tots and a fruit cup. And I thought, ‘This is it?’

When she looked at some of her students, most of whom rely on government-subsidised free lunches at school. The bagel dog that turned her stomach would be, for many the best meal of
their day.

She decided to write about the lunches on her blog Feed up With Lunch and take photographs of some of the lunches so people could see what sort of meals children where eating and maybe why there was a obesity problem in the area.

Pizza Pasta Salisbury steak

Some other meals included :
Chicken parmigna , garlic bread, broccoli, apple

Meatballs, broccoli, mixed fruit cup, whole wheat hot dog buns

Cheese sandwich, tater tots, apple, pretzels, milk

Some of these foods may not seem bad, but when you read the write up about them, then its a different matter

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some 5 minute saying


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Common old salt

Salt (sodium chloride NaCl) is used by billions of people daily, people may not use it in their food but they do use it in some of the day to day stuff like in soap, glass and paper to name to name a few.

So where does salt come from well there are a few places it is made depending on what type of salt you want to use

Salt can be found in liquid or solid form. It can be found in oceans, lakes or rock beds buried under the earth or from oceans and lakes. Depending on where the salt comes from is what sort of salt you get at the end.

The two different productions of salt are:
  • Salt from oceans and lakes, It can be produced by letting shallow holes of water dry up in the sun. The salt which remains is coarse grained. Salt produced this way is called solar salt. Each gallon of water produces more than 1/4 pound of salt.

  • Salt buried in mines deep in the earth, is the main source of our table salt. Salt mines are found almost everywhere in the world.
This type of salt is obtained by two methods.
  • In one, the salt veins in deep mines are broken loose by drills and explosives.The salt then is carried to the surface on elevators and put through a crusher

  • The other method for obtaining salt, the hydraulic method it is done by the drilling of two wells deep into the earth’s salt beds. Fresh water is then pumped under high pressure into one of the wells through a pipe. When the water reaches the salt beds, it dissolves the salt, and the salty water, called brine, is then forced up to the surface through a pipe in the second well.

At refineries, the water is evaporated from the brine, leaving grains of salt. These grains are then placed in revolving cylinders, into which hot air is forced to speed the drying of the salt. The dried grains are then graded for purity, grain size, and their final use.

Link to find out more