Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Afternoon Neighbours

Today i decided i wouldnt spend most of my spare time being on my computer, after getting home at 4.30 i sat around thinking hmmm what should i do.

Now this might not sound exciting to many people i had a fun afternoon.

What i did was go to a friends place that has 5 children aged from 16 to 3.

While there i helped my friends 6 yr old boy do his homework, him walking away with a smile on his face as i was praising him each time he did something and at times i would get things wrong saying to him it was lucky he was there to help me.

My friend has just started selling Avon with the person signing her up supposed to have been there yesterday to help her do her first order (my friend had no-one show her to how to do the order).

Luckily years ago i had done Avon and i said i would help her get her first order in, but she should contact her Rep, after great fun of getting her a Rep number so she could make her orders, we tried to do it over the internet with the password i had for her wrong, (seems the first person i spoke to for my friend made a password and didnt tell me what it was).
By this time i am getting pretty pissed of with Avon and seeing again why i stopped selling it. I finally got her order done by paper trying to show her how to do it.

Then after all that work i got dinner from her which was the best part, as my friend is Lebanese she had made stuffed zuchinni in a tomato sauce and it was so yummy and close to one of the most favourite things she makes

The Darwin Awards

Not sure if people have heard about The Darwin Awards, but what they are named in honour of Charles Darwin, father of evolution, to "commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it", its organisers say. It's usually posthumous.

Some of the stories are really funny like the latest one of:

a man had to be cut from a steel pipe by seven firefighters when he managed to
get his penis stuck in it. There is still no explanation of how this occurred,
though the article did say he could not be removed from the pipe at first
because his constricted blood-flow made him aroused.

If you think that's funny there are loads more like.......Belgium police received a desperate call from a 37 years old man saying that he had been attacked on a motorway.

A 17-year-old male in Longview, WA spent his New Year's Day in a hospital, thanks to first and second degree burns sustained on his chest, abdomen, pelvis, hands, and feet.

Go here to read more funny stories


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Met the Girlfriend

One of my nephews S has had the same girlfriend for around 5 months now,

She dosent trust him and thinks that he is going to cheat on her, S often comes to my house and she has been wanting to come here and meet me, (she has met the rest of my family)

She has asked S when she will get to meet me and really wants to meet me, as im the only one she hasent met she is sorta demanding to meet me, so i wont meet her as i dont like people who are demanding.

Anyhow today we meet, S had driven near my house to get something and he stopped near me and i said to him do you want to get this meeting the girlfriend thing out of the way, and he goes yeah sure lets do it.

So i meet her and told her how S could not be cheating on her at all, as for 1 he dosent have the time too, she is with him most of the time or he is at work.

Also i am the type of person who dosent lie, and S will tell me everything and anything as i wont judge him.

S said to the girlfriend, does my aunt look like a type of person to lie and she goes well no, so then i told her the story i did to S younger brother B.

When B was 16 he was mucking around and i told him to stop it but he continued, what i did was i made him sit in the floor with his legs crossed, he hated this of course and complained, my response to him was "if you are going to act like a child, i will treat you as one".

When i told the girlfriend this, she started to hopefully know she knows that if S does ever cheat on her or if he is having a problem with her he will tell me, and i will help S in any way he needs my help....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Burnt my finger

Tonight i was being lazy with dinner and thought i would heat up some can soup, i was rushing around trying to get it done as i had to start work really soon.

Most people know that when you heating something to watch out that you dont burn yourself when you take the Cling Wrap off and well usually i am, but tonight i wasent

I had steam burn on my left index finger, i got a cloth and put some cold water on it thinking it will take the pain away.

Sure it took the pain away, but as soon as i moved the cloth my finger would start to hurt again, this happened up to 1 1/2 hours after the burn.

So searching on Goggle i found some interesting suggestions of how to stop the burning, below are some of what was suggested:

Put urine on it.....hmm no thanks

Put toothpaste on why, toothpaste burns

Put honey on it, then wrap the burnt part in cling wrap......might work but still not something i want to do

Get some milk and add some cinamon to it................well i sorta did this one

What i did do was get a small glass on milk and then i put my finger into the milk, it felt sooooo nice as of course the milk was cold, but 20 mins after i had my finger in the milk the pain went away.

Who knew, milk is good for loads of things

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Will write again soon

I just finished a newsletter i had to put together 30 mins ago, its now 3am here.

Now that the newsletter is finished i should have time to write in my blog.

As one friend who also has a blog who never used to work when she started to work wrote "when do people get the time to blog when you work full time"

As i bring a fair amount of my work home it stops me from blogging when i have something i need to get finished..

Now all i have to do is get my creative thoughts working so i can think of something to write about...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Not writing

The last week i havent really been writing in my blog, i do have some things i could write about, they would take a bit of time though for me to write.

But why havent i written, its cause of the game World of Warcraft, i got my 3rd character to level 80, the highest you can get for now

I have been playing the game alot, and i mean alot (well alot for me) so that means i havent been writing in this as i havent had anything short i could write about.

This is going to be short as well as i have to put together a newsletter that has to be ready by next Tuesday arghhhhh

Monday, February 1, 2010

Havent written for awhile, so adding some funny pictures