Monday, September 29, 2008

Words and Thoughts

Do you ever have thoughts going around in your head, but cant find the words to explain the thoughts, or how the thoughts should be seen.

Thats is happening to me at the moment.

Usually at times like this i can write stuff down like a short story or a poem, but the words dont want to show themselves so i am stuck with these thoughts just moving around grrr

Well i wrote this yesterday and i was able to get the thoughts out of my head and this is what came out last night

words that tumble through my brain
they have no meaning
and are not profane
they are some feelings
that want to come out
but have no substance
or any clout
its hard to put these feelings to words
im not even sure
how to explain or observe
trying my best
to capture the sounds
but they escape me
in leaps and bounds
i hope you see my quandry
and one day i will be free
to explain these feelings
that are inside of me

Friday, September 26, 2008

Make a Southpark character

I was reading someone's website and they had about how you can make your own Southpark Character so i went to the page and this is what i made.

You start of with the same body shape but you can choose what colour you want your character to look like, you choose the eyes, mouth, clothes, hair, jewellery, if you want your character to wear gloves all those sort of things

My character is basically all purple as i love the colour purple, and no i dont look anything like this picture, maybe the freckles hehehe

I had great fun doing it, imagine if it was a rainy day and you were trying to entertain a child, with this you could probably spend 15 mins or more doing it

Ever Wonder??

Do you ever wonder why life is what its like, eg why is grass called grass or why is the sky up, who chose the words to say that above us is up -why was the word down not chosen im not sure, but over time i have had some questions ive always wondered answered.

Below is some of what i have wondered:

.....................................................................Why are traffic lights Red, Amber and Green, why was green chosen as the colour go, I can understand red, as to me Red means danger, but the others im not to sure, i found out the answer to this a few years ago and thought others might wonder as well
Green is calming to us, probably because it is prolific in nature and a sign of health and abundance, so it might have lent itself to mean "go."
Amber is associated with warmth, happiness, and the sun. Despite these connotations, it was chosen to symbolize "caution."

....................................................................Who named the Planets -They believed that each of these celestial bodies influenced a particular day of the week.

...................................................................Why is there a leap year and why 365 days in a year - Leap years are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the earth's revolutions around the sun.

..................................................................Why do some people have curly and some straight is there a reason - the position of the hair bulb in the hair follicle, the way the large bundles of keratin are arranged within each hair shaft.

.................................................................Why do people have different coloured skin (no im not being racist, each skin colour is beautiful in its own right)- my belief is cause of the country people live in and the amount of sun and cloud, people with darker skin live in countries that are hotter and have more sun, so the skin dosent get as much dammage, where people who have white skin live in countries that have less sun and get sunburnt easily.

The one question i cant find an answer for at the moment is why is a window called a window, does it have something to do with the wind, and a window has dow in it??

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feeding the neighbours Dog

Where i live next door to me there is a dog that i think dosent get feed very much, and hardly ever gets bones.

When the dog first came to live next door it didnt really like anyone as the people who had it before had children that used to hit the dog around the mouth, it took about 3 weeks before the dog would let me touch it, now i dont have any problems at all as it trusts me.

On Tuesday i found in the butcher this really big beef bone, it looks like it could have been a leg bone, seeing though it was only $2.00 i bought it for the dog.

Whenever i come home the dog is waiting for me and runs over to the fence jumping up so i can pat her easily, on Tuesday when i gave her to bone she looked at me with loving eyes didnt stay for her usual pat and ran away with the bone..

When ive been going out i see her lying with the bone and trying to chew more off the bone, it is good to see her happy and to have her something to chew on

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

World of Warcraft (WoW), Brewfest

In WoW during the year they have different events this time of the year its Brewfest, i think it is to do with Oktoberfest that runs in October, this year Brewfest is running between September 20 - October 4

Some of the things you can do are
  • Ram Racing -where you pick up kegs of brew from Kharanos or Razor Hill and bringing them back to the fest.

  • Barkers Wanted - where you'll be given a ram to hurry you on your way, spreading the word around Orgrimmar or Ironforge about who makes the best brew.
  • Defend the Fest - when The Dark Iron Clan dwarves try to ruin the event for everyone you get cups of beer and throw the beer at The Dark Iron Clan dwarves killing them
  • Seek the Saboteurs - where you go to Blackrock Depths with a party of five players do battle against Coren Direbrew where special rewards including epic weapons, trinkets, and rare mounts.

The rare mounts are a Brewfest Kodo which is what i got.

This is me sitting the Brewfest Kodo that won out near the front of Ironforge

To find out more about Brewfest Event you can go to World Of Warcraft Website

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Living with a lazy 22 year old male

In January this year one of my nephews turned up saying he had no-where to stay and could be stay with me till he found something it would be for around 3 months so i said ok that's cool

It is now September and he is still here

I don't mind having him here but the one thing i hate is that he is so damn lazy.

I will wash up have all the plates and cups in the cupboard and if i use anything after that i would wash it to make the place still look tidy, but not him......what he does is makes loads of mess and leaves it there. I ask him to wash up and its a big deal with some of the things he washes still dirty. At the moment i have no clean plates or cups in the cupboard as he is supposed to wash up and i wont wash up when he has too. Another problem he will use the towels and not wash any of them, as it is i now have my towels and he has his towels as he wont wash them if there are still some he can use

My one pet hate is that he loves to drink milk which is fine, but as the glasses he uses might not get washed for a few days i ask him to rinse the glass then soak the glass in water so the milk dosent go hard in the bottom.

Are all males this damn lazy or was it his upbringing?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sore Throat

I have a sore throat at the moment, it is at the scratchy stage where its a little annoying, it seems to get worse as the day goes on

I'm now 44 and still have my tonsils even though i have had them taken out twice, the first time at 5 and then at 15, the type of tonsils i have now are known as Lingual Tonsils , (i have two lumps at the back of my tongue, that have the tonsil tissue growing in them)

I'm just hoping i don't get a cold and that my body is fighting the cold which is why i have the sore throat, there is one fun thing though when i get a sore throat, my voice goes pretty deep and that is when i have fun ring some friends up and try to get them to guess its me

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Silly little poem

This is about a pencil i was using, it is really small as the poem says around 2 inches, made me think what happens to all the really small pencils lol

The little pencil
so full of lead
has told many tales
that i have read
2 inches long
and hard to hold
it likes writing verses
that like to be told
follow is journey
as it tells some more
hopefully they wont
be a big bore

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Farewell for Manager

Today we had a farewell BBQ for our manager where i work, it was in the local square out the front so that any person who knew my manager could come and say goodbye to her.

She has been with us for around 2 years now and within that time she had been going to University so that she could be a Lecturer

With her leaving we got the words from the Abba song, Mama Mia and added her name to some of the words as well as
We’ve been working with you for 2 years now
And we’ve made up our minds we will sure miss you
Look at us now, we aren’t at all glad
We don’t know how we will ever survive from now
There’s a sadness within our souls
Just one look and you will see our crying
One more look our tears are not slowing o-o-o-ohh
Also a video was made of some of the pictures i have taken through the time that she has been there and someone had added some words to it about her leaving.
She will be missed, but we already know who the new manager will be, and that is someone who works there already, so that will be good.
Where i work has a load of volunteers and there is a joke there saying that this one volunteer who has been there since the place opened trains the new managers that come in.
What i do while any activity is on, is walk around and take photos of what is happening, i like to get photos when people aren't looking as i find that they make the best photos, even though we did get a group shot

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whirlpool (Australian broadband news and information)

For awhile i have been wanting to swap the internet company that i am with..

It is pretty hard trying to work out which company to go with though

If you live in Australia there is a great website to go to called Whirpool (Australian broadband news and information)

This site has information on it from the Users of Internet, not by the companies trying to sell the internet services.

The site tells what servies are avilable in the area you live in, as well as a Discussion area, in the Discussion area you can find and talk about such things as DSL Hardware Networking Voice over IP Mobile Carriers as well as Web Development so it has something for everyone, from a novice to someone who knows alot about the internet

So if you like in Australia and want to know about what internet company to go to, why not come along and look at this site.
Maybe they have a site like this for other countries as well, ive never checked

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Voting Today

Today i had to go and vote for the local elections, to choose who should be the Mayor of the area i live in.

The voting booths are at local schools in the area, its quite strange though to see so many adults at the schools the whole day when all you usually see are school children.

Its also interesting to see all the different nationalities that live here

The area i live in will be getting a Mayor after the local council members where kicked out after a debacle that happened a few years ago, the council at the time loosing 22 million of ratepayers money on a project

Friday, September 12, 2008

Great Seafood Recipe's

I love to cook but as everyone knows it hard to think of new, exciting and healthy foods to eat and cook every day.

The Great American Seafood Cookoff had a competition with chefs were in a cook off where they had to make a recipe using fresh seafood that people at home could cook, out of the fifteen chefs five finalists where chosen for the year 2008.

My favourite recipe is Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet (Louisiana Shrimp and Andouille sausage smothered in a white bean casserole) by Chef Brian Landry

Why did i choose this one:
.............................................I think the Chef Brian Landry from Louisiana in the cookoff made the best recipe using the fresh seafood from his area, i like how he has taken the andouille sausage to add a different flavour to the shrimp and using fresh ingredients from his area of the country, showing how using fresh ingredients are the best.

Everyone knows that to have a healthy diet you should eat a mixture of different coloured vegetables per day. Chef Brian Landry has done this by using the celery, tomato, onion and green herbs, also by adding the white kidney/cannellini beans you are getting the fibre that you need for the day.

Using the domestic seafood you know that the seafood the fishermen bring in daily will always be fresh with a great local taste for you and your whole family, if you have picky eaters in your family with the wide variety of seafood you are sure to find something that the whole family would love.

For a chance to win a "Trip to New Orleans" go to, see for yourself which recipe you would like

Click the red rectangle that says Vote & Enter to win a trip to New Orleans
Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

Thursday, September 11, 2008

BBQ and painting

Yesterday went to a BBQ that is held every 2nd Tuesday of a month at a local church.

The church is making a garden in the and BBQ area in the grounds of the church, the last 2 months when going to the BBQ they have had painting on tiles and small pot plants.

What is going to happen with the pots and tiles that have been painted is they will be used in the new BBQ area.

So far i have painted 2 tiles and added my name to them, cant wait to see what the wall looks like once they have finished it, it will be good to see how they have used the tiles


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sadder Poem

I wrote this when i was feeling like crap, just getting a feeling out that was sitting in my head.
Dreams of freedom
that used to be
the time when i saw
and walked along streets
when windows meant nothing
other than to be seen
and people where just people
working to buy things
when getting excited was just that
nothing to be scared of if it went bad
seeing the freedom
of men and women
trying to remember
i think it was like heaven
to see a river flow right to the end
knowing i could se it
it wasent a screen
life can be terrible
with the cards that you get
but you need to remember
the cards a not yet set

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Urban Legends

I found this website awhile ago, it has to do with Urban Legends

You can read about
...................................Legends that happened in films ---like the Hoverboards used in
................................. Back to the Future
...................................Good Fortunes--like lottery wins

Ive browsed around a few of them to see if i could find some of the urban legends that ive heard over the years, but havent found any yet,

There are so many different things to read, its quite interesting if you like Urban Legends or wanted to know about a Legend you have been told.

The weird news tab is cool to go to, you can see all the weird stories around the world on one page ...