Monday, September 27, 2010

A Dog

On Saturday one of my neighbours children came over as there was a dog in her front yard that looked it was crying and it wouldn't move.

So i went over and saw a dog there and also some other children who didn't live there but said they knew where the dog belonged.

We tried to get the dog to move which it wouldn't, so i found some rope and made a slipknot and placed it around the dogs neck, we followed the children who said they knew the dogs home and the dog happily walked along.

Getting to where the children said the dog lived i got told no it belonged next door, so i went to walk next door, this man who was drunk then came running out the door yelling at me to take the rope away from the dogs neck, i told him how the rope was not hurting him and how it was loose, i went on to tell him how the dog was found at my friends house around children, yelling at me he told me how the dog wouldn't hurt children and how he let the dog walk around all the time, I started to yell at him and told him how it was dangerous for the dog to walk around, he stopped yelling at me by then, walking away i said to him that i hoped that one day the dog didn't get run over.

I felt sorry for the dog though as when the man took the rope from the dogs neck, the man went to hit him, the dogs tail went between its legs and started to cower.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Changed Email Address's

For many years i have used a certain email company as my main email, when i sign up for things i used that email address.

Then 2 months ago i started to receive around 100-150 junk mails per day, i contacted the email company asking how i could get rid of them, their suggestion add them to my folder of people i don't want to hear from. It worked for a day or so and then one day i logged in to find overnight i had 206 emails from this company.

Writing to them again for the 3rd time i told them how i still had the problem and what they suggested wasn't working, five days later i get a response the company taking some of the responsibility and asked for me to send a copy of the email with my email address and they would fix my problem. Mind you this is two weeks later.

So i send them a copy of the email and my email address to receive a reply another 4 days later saying how they needed my email address, they couldn't find it even though i had written it in the email.

My question to this email company was, why cant they be like other email address's that if you put something in Junk Folder it knows straight away to not send it to your inbox again. Is it hard to have your email address do that, and why was it left to me to fix the problem when i am using their email?

Since then i have changed email address's...........having a few problems as this blog is under my old email address and even though i have changed the email address for here, blogger writes that they cannot change the email the account was first made with, so when i want to write on here i need to sign in with my old email account which i don't use anymore grrrrrrrr

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Being a human guinea pug

Imagine being a human guinea pig, to me it sounds like it wouldnt be much fun but some people where treated very badly some giving themselves to be tested on and others not.

I found this information on the SBS television website.

In the 1930s, Japan’s notorious Unit 731 carried out brutal experiments on the population of recently-invaded Manchuria. Whole villages and towns were deliberately infected with plague, and sufferers were dissected alive.
Prisoners of war were shot and operated on without anaesthetic so army doctors could practise field surgery. In World War II Germany, concentration camp doctors like Josef Mengele selected twins and Romany prisoners for obscure medical experiments, and killed enemy prisoners in low temperature or high altitude tests, supposedly to protect their own sailors and airmen.

After the war, many Nazi 'Doctors of Death' were brought to justice.

But in Japan the head of Unit 731 cut a deal with US intelligence; the Americans knew they could never replicate biological data gained through experiments on humans.

It was the start of a chemical arms race, reaching its peak in the 1960s and '70s with LSD as the mind-control secret weapon of both sides, intended to cripple the enemy without firing a shot. The US showed drugs experiments in army-sponsored TV documentaries.
The film has a moving and shocking interview with a Japanese doctor who operated on anaesthetised prisoners.
A captured US pilot is seen making an apparently false confession in Korea. A Czech military chemist explains how chemical weapons are deployed, and a victim of a drug-fuelled interrogation describes the experience.

At Mcgill University, trials were held to determine how long a person could exist without some sensory stimuli. Imagine having all your senses taken away from you, it is like some people out there have a sick mind and dont care about humans at all, and as long as they dont get hurt they dont care.

Some CIA tests ended fatally. LSD was used as an interrogation drug by the US military, Experiments were conducted on volunteers, but often subjects received drugs without their knowledge. Many experiments ended fatally. In addition to LSD, a number of other substances were used in the experiments, including panic or chaos-producing torture drugs, truth drugs and trusting drugs (known today as ecstasy)

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki led the Americans to gather data for nuclear war. As a result, a separate research organisation was founded. American doctors examined the Japanese victims, but offered no assistance. Their findings were subject to confidentiality.

In the US, during the Vietnam War, there was an agreement between the Seventh-Day Adventist church and the armed forced.Members of the church could refuse military service if they became subjects of experiments. They were, for example infected with anthrax in order to improve treatments for it. The US armed forces claim these experiments were ethically sound because the victims consented.

I live in Australia and even though i have written about what America has done, maybe the same was done in Australia, i dont want people thinking i am saying that America is bad, there are bad people in each country.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home Alone

Almost everyone has heard of the movie Home Alone, which had Macaulay Culkin act as the main character Kevin McCallister, but what if it happened in real life?

Well it seems that it being home alone was how David Cohen spent his life.

From the age of 12 David lived in a Luxury flat owned by his wealthy parents. It seems that one day his mother said she would be going to Israel for a business purpose and would be back one month later, but his mother returned 3 years later.

For the first three weeks after she left, David had his father in the flat with him, but after awhile his father started behaving oddly. One night, he took David out to a restaurant and told him needed to go to Manchester on business for a few days.

He explained why I couldn't go with him. As David had just won a scholarship to one of London's top schools, St Paul's, and couldn't jeopardise my studies.

When David asked 'Who is going to stay with me?'. 'I've never been alone for a night before.'
His father just smiled and said the porter would look out for me. Then he gave him two £5 notes, made him promise not to write to his mother and walked him to the bus stop. His father had left David to live with his mistress leaving the 12 year old to learn how to look after himself with no idea how to shop, cook, clean or make sure he was decently turned out for school.

David saw his mother a few times during the years she was away. She came back briefly for his bar mitzvah. His father didn't disappear entirely. They spoke often on the phone and every Friday had dinner in a restaurant before going their separate ways.

Im not sure how i would have handled being left to live alone at the age of 12, sure i would have know how to do basic stuff like cook, but for the rest i would have been lost


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Havent written again

I havent written as i cant think of anything to write about .

I dont think my blog needs to know how my chest freezer was unpluged for i dont know how long and all the meat that was in it i had to throw away and as its winter it is taking a long time for it to defrost so i can move what is in the bottom of the freezer.
I also found out im to short to clean the bottom of the freezer so have to think of a way i can get to the bottom and clean it out properly.

What i have been doing is playing alot of computer games on Facebook as well as playing World of Warcraft, when i think of writing something i will write it down, for now ciao