Monday, June 30, 2008

Chocolate Bacon

I like chocolate like the next person but i think this is going a little to far, chocolate covered bacon. I wonder how many people buy this stuff,
looks pretty disgusting to me...

Do they cook the bacon beforehand or is it before its cooked...

All i keep thinking is all the fat people would be eating, it dont even have the want to try it, does the taste of the chocolate change

As the page said where i got this picture from, whats next chocolate covered lard?

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Just finished watching the movie SiCKO, makes me glad to live in Australia.

People in America have pretty bad health service, if you have any type of illness before hand you cannot get health cover, one person was declined as he was to thin for his height, another her BMI was to high.

It seems that to have any type of operation you need to get your health cover to approve it beforehand, many people dying as the health cover says it is not important..

One women at the start of the movie had good health cover, but she had a brain tumour when she went to get treatment her health cover said no as it was not life threatening, she died a few months later...

Another a women was given the money to have her operation afterwards her health company wanted the money back as she had at some time a yeast infection...
One women had a car accident and was placed into an ambulance, she received a letter from her health company saying as she hadn't got the ambulance pre-approved she would have to pay for it....

People who where volunteer's at 9-11 are now not getting treatment, they get declined, sometimes re-applying 4 times

Micheal Moore took 4 of these people to Cuba as the people in Guatemala Bay where getting full health cover, while there they went to see about getting treatment, the 9-11 people where given it straight away for free...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some more poems

For some reason i have been writing poems, so im adding them to here so i dont loose them

the clocks turned
facing the wall
as time stood still
as the world declined to turn
time had no meaning
voices no sound
touch was an abstract
that knew no bounds
sight not seeing
waves not moving
why was this happening
as i had stopped caring


tired of dreams
that never fulfill
tired of attitudes
that have no will
tired of people who whinge and complain
get a hobby or just move away
tired of manners
which are now out
tired of crowds
that never seem to thin out
im tired of quite a whole lot of things
im tired of people who i really doubt
who would read this and know its them its about


Went out for dinner the other night had something called Chicken Biryani, with Safron Rice, gee it was really yummy, i got told it is a dish that is made in Iraq,

I have neighbours from Lebanon so i am used to getting foods from different countries, i love going to their house just to try out all the food i would never have thought about making or knew about, all i need to do is find a recipe for it so that i can make it at home...

I think it would be a great food to make at home for winter, and winter it is now brrrrrrr

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I play a computer game called World of Warcraft, i am in a guild that mainly most of the people are from Singapore, so i often see words that i dont understand, i have been taught of a few of them so that i get an idea of what they are saying when they type.

One of the people went into Wikipedia and found a page to do with Singlish, i went and had a look and from there found another website which has a Singlish dictionary, its so cool, now i have a better idea of what they are saying like HENG which means "lucky or fortunate". or TALKING COCK which means "rubbish or junk".

Of course now i understand some of curse words as well, but hey at least i now know what they mean and not say the wrong thing lol...

A link to the page Talking Cock

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Men Bashing

Why is it that some men seem to think that if they cant get their way they will bash someone??

A few days ago i heard a scream of HELP!!!!!, rushing outside i am asked to quickly call the police

A man bashing his girlfriend , it seems this man has been working many hours (to many) and when asked to leave he got violent and started to hit his girlfriend, then grabbing their 2 year old child starts to walk out with him, of course the girlfriend dosent want the child to go with the boyfriend when he has just hit her, so they wrestle, her trying to get the child, him holding the child (the child screaming for his mum).

The police finally get here, even though i am told they are on their way, but it takes them around 7 minutes before they reach. Luckily by this time the boyfriend has let go of the child, as i wouldnt like to see what would have happened if he got away with the child.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Being Sunburnt

I saw this picture today and it made me remember what it felt like to be sunburnt, years ago swimming in a neighbours pool and being a child not thinking about the sun that was getting me.

Getting out of the pool many hours later being that suburnt that sitting down was painful, my face puffing up, opening my eyes in the morning hard to do, what fun.

Another time sunbaking in the backyard and wearing sunglasses, not thinking hmmmm of course what happened, i got sunburnt and had the shape of the sunglasses on my face.

My most favourite though was when i got sunburnt on my back after being outside for around 20 minutes, peeling around 3 layers of skin..

These days i try not to stay in the sun to much, i should also say i have pale skin with freckles, so getting sunburnt seemed very easy to do :->

Monday, June 9, 2008

Words men use

Nine words Men Use

1. Fine: Depends heavily on the context. A 'fine' after asking, say, "How was work?", means "It was f***ed, I'm not interested in talking about it". Fine at the end of an argument, however, has the same connotations as when a woman would use it, but it is USUALLY SHOUTED LIKE THIS because us men have trouble using an inside voice when we're angry.

2. Five minutes: What is he doing? Videogames? Five minutes is about half an hour then, or until he finds the ever elusive 'next save point'. Getting ready for sex? Five minutes is two minutes. Preparing to leave? Five minutes means five minutes, and if you're not in the car in exactly five minutes you will find yourself under a veritable barrage of honking until you rectify the fact.

3. Nothing: Is largely a synonym for 'fine', though more resolute. A 'fine' can be challenged, a 'nothing' is completely off limits, and rather than signaling that an argument is forth coming, it should tell any man-savvy woman that whatever is wrong is not up for discussion with her, her mother, or anyone she is related to. Full stop. Period.

4.Go ahead: "I'm not interested in arguing with you anymore, do whatever the hell you want. See if I care!" Often accompanied by a #1.

5.Loud sigh: Sometimes with a curse, like 'J***s Ch***t' or 'F**king hell', this is a sign of frustration, and means, basically, "I so don't understand the issue here, what is she still pissed about? My conclusive rebuttals weren't enough for her?"

6.That's okay: This is a sign of disappointment. If a dude tells you 'that's okay' after you've just admitted something, it means his respect for you has taken a free fall and he's not sure what to say that won't insult you, despite his current feelings. If a guy is saying 'that's okay' a lot, you should examine your patterns and find out why.

7.Thanks: This depends largely on the context and intonation. Like eels and shotguns, 'thanks' is a slippery beast and by no means can be explained in one dot point. So I won't.

8. Whatever: "I'm over it. I'm not interested in arguing. I still think I'm right, but you know what? You don't, and I'm beyond caring. F**k you." That's what 'whatever' means.

9.Don't worry about it, I got it: This isn't often used by men, but when uttered it holds the same connotations as "Stop asking if I need help, I am a MAN, I am more than capable of handling this shit myself". Women often challenge this, which can result in a #4 #5 combo, or, worse, a #1 followed up by an #8.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Phreeque Show

While browsing i found this website which shows people that where put in circus's as they where born a little different to what most people are used to

One page i found interesting was people with more than 2 legs, some of them having a parasitic twin attached to them.
These days I'm sure that the parasitic twin would have probably been examined to see where it joined and if there was a chance of removal, but in those days no such operations would have been available

Other pages include armless people, people missing the lower part of their body and people who's elbows on knees faced opposite to normal

I think the person who put the page together did a great job with it, she has written about them as if they are the same as you and me (which i think they are)

Link to the page

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weird News Stories

I often read the news online and am surprised of all the weird and unusual things that happen in the world, the depravity of some people...
Like the father who locked away the daughter for so many years, or teachers who seem to think its OK to have sexual relations with a student...

Was the world always like this or where things hidden away and people got away with it.

I remember when i was younger at T.A.F.E being told by a teacher how a distant male relative of his from the 1700's or 1800's got a maid pregnant, the maid being sent away with the mans wife to have the child. The child was then brought up as his own child as his wife could not get pregnant........

So it has happened in one shape or form...