Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some things about me

I thought i would write some things i do some i consider silly some normal everyday stuff, im sure alot of people do stuff they consider silly but here are some of mine

  • I have locked myself inside the house --- one day it was really windy and the keys where in the door , my keyring has loads of other keyrings without keys, (i used to collect keyrings) somehow they got stuck and i couldnt get the door open from inside (the keyrings had managed to wedge themselves into the door and at the time locked the door) i rang a neighbour who couldnt push the door open as we found out it was locked, luckily i have a spare key in the house and was able to push that under the door and then i was able to go back outside...........anyone else done that??

  • I fall up stairs, not sure how i do this, but i rarely fall down a flight of stairs, i fall up them instead

  • I have really long hair now and instead of washing it when i wake up, i wash it at night time like 9pm and wait forever for it to dry.

  • I have a mark on my chest from when i had chicken pox, my mum told me that of course i scratched them and one got pretty infected and turned into a sore, it stayed there awhile and finally after a month or so it dropped off leaving this dent

  • A few years ago i shaved my hair down to a number 1 blade and when i did i found a scar on the back of my head, i didnt know i had one and when i asked my mum she told me that i fell over as a child and thats how i got it.........what is more weird is that i was going out with this guy and he had a scar on his head almost in the same spot.

  • I have a weird way of seeing things, people when they first meet me dont seem to understand me, so i tell them i am ecentric to make them feel better...there is a line from a tv add that says look outside the box, well thats me, i see humor in things that others dont see at all and often will be laughing and people wondering what im laughing about.

Im sure there are others things i do, but cant think of them right now and i dont wanna make this blog longer than it already is...


Friday, August 28, 2009

Four reasons why Twilight is bad for your love life

I happened on this article called 4 Reasons Why Twlight Is Bad For Your Love Life

So i thought hmm lets see why they say that

1. Bella has no outside hobbies,
When she meets Edward all the friends she was making she dosent seem to want to know anymore, and of course she dosent get the chance to really know Jacob

2. The guys are totally unrealistic. as it says in this article
Mike Newton brings Bella “sandwiches and an array of sodas to choose from” (118). I know guys can be nice and all but unless a guy is the girls boyfriend ive not seen that happen in real life

3. Bella is brainwashed.
Edward could kill her and he dosent, do you know of any female who would stay around a guy even if she loved him loads when she found out that he was a vampire espically when Vampires like blood and Bella is forever falling over cutting herself.

4. Bella is a domestic diva.
When Bella moves in with her dad she starts to cook dinner for him every night, she does all the laundry and keeps the place tidy
Now how many female do you know who would move in with their dad and look after him like Bella is doing, i know i wouldnt be cooking each night for my dad and doing all the laundry.

So what do you think, is Twilight bad for your love life, or maybe the book has the female in outdated rolls


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some things to think about lol

Money doesn't bring you happiness, but it enables you to look for it in more places.

Your conscience may not keep you from doing wrong, but it sure keeps you from enjoying it.

Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places.

Misers aren't much fun to live with, but they make great ancestors.

Be careful what rut you choose. You may be in it the rest of your life.

The trouble with bucket seats is that not everybody has the same size bucket.

When you see the handwriting on the wall, you can bet you're in a public restroom.

Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.

The real reason you can't take it with you is that it goes before you do.

Junk is something you throw away three weeks before you need it.

Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were.

A closed mouth gathers no feet.

A man (or woman) who can smile when things go wrong has found someone to blame it on.

A modern pioneer is a woman who can get through a rainy Saturday with a television on the blink.

The world is full of willing people: some willing to work and some willing to let them.

Money isn't everything....there's credit cards, money orders, and travelers checks.


Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Mobile

Ive been wanting to get a new mobile phone for awhile as the phone i have now i can barely hear when it rings and the only way i can charge it is through my computer, which annoys me as i forget to plug it into the computer at times

Anyhow this time when i buy a phone i want one that rings really loud...

I went to Whirpool, which is a site that has information about different ISP's, hardware and software for computers and alot of stuff on that line.

So i went to the Mobile area of the Whirpool website and wrote that i am looking for a phone that rings loud, one person answered me and gave me all the information i can need.

He told me of a Website called GSMArena, on this website it has alot of phones, they do tests on these phones and it also tells you the sound volume that comes out of the phone, which is what i was looking for.

Thought i would share this in case anyone else is on the lookout for a new Mobile Phone.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I went shopping today doing the usual grocery shopping, i saw this guy who had a trolley of food and he seemed to be looking at everyone which i thought was really strange, but i thought ehh ok some people are like that.

I had lined up at the checkout the person putting my items through the scanner and the next minute i see the manager of the store and the guy escorting a lady back into the shops.

It seems this guy with the trolley is the security guard, and he is undercover.

What happened was a lady had gone into this supermarket i was in and she had walked out the store with a loaf of bread in her bag, the security guy had saw her, it seems that this lady is known in the shop and the manager was talking to her as the took her back in.

I think i heard that the manger say that she had the chance of the police to turn up or pay for the bread or something like that, she chose of course for the police to not turn up

Around 10 minutes later i saw her walking around as if nothing had happened, with me i would have been crapping myself.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trying to change appointment

Grr the government can be really annoying.

On Thursday last week i recieved a letter saying i had an appointment for today, the problem was i couldnt make it today so i had to get the time and date changed.

On Friday i rang and got some young guy who didnt know how to change it or the number of the people i needed to speak too, said to me with a giggle in his voice ring back Monday.

Monday i ring back - i am given a different number to ring, i ring to be told they need to speak to another person, they couldnt get this person and would ring me back~~~didnt recieve call back.

Tuesday i ring again twice - first time, i will call you back when i get this person, 5 minuties later i recieve a call, sorry we cant get this person, i will keep trying and will ring you back.
.............................................. second time, sorry cant get the person you need to talk too, will call you back

Within this time mind you, i recieved a call from some other person reminding me that i had an appointment saying they had been trying to ring me and this was the fifth time, (first time i got it, no other calls on mobile)

Told this person i need to change appointment,

response was "oh you cant do that"

me - ive been told i can,

other person - oh you've been told that, i will transfer you through to another person,

Transfered to someone else, after a few minutes, sorry i cant get through to the person you need, i cant change it.

Today i wake up, says 4 missed calls, they had been trying to ring me, i got through to the person who i have been talking to since Monday and yes appointment was changed.

But grr, all that work i had to do just to change an appointment.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weird Dreams

Does anyone else have weird dreams...the one i had last night made no sense at all and to me it seemed a little disturbing

I dreamt i was holidays in another state of Australia and then this other person who i havent seen for over 10 years and dont ever really want to see again in my life is somehow on holiday with me, on the day he turns up i need to be leaving and want to go back to my hotel to make sure i have packed everything.
On the way back this person who says is my brother is with me (mind you i dont get on with my brother) and he is on my back.

We are walking back to The Hotel through what looks like a big car park to get my bag and my brother is telling me that he wants to get rid of my old friend and not go back with him, that we should sit next to each other on the plane home.

These 2 guys jump out of nowhere, and tell me they are looking for a guy for the night for sex, i tell this one guy that the man on my back is my brother and we are on our way back to Sydney, so the guy says thats ok we best let you go that your busy, i say goodbye to the guy and continue to walk

I am worried about this friend (who i dont like) my brother telling me to keep moving that we need to move, or we will miss the plane home.

I turn around and these guys ask my old friend if they want to go with him for the night, my friend dosent like gay people and said something nasty back to them and when i turn around the two men are bashing him like i saw my nephew get bashed last year, i feel bad that i am leaving him and want to go help him and then i woke up.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Five things to say if you get caught sleeping at your Desk

I got sent this, thought it was funny and thought i would share it around


5. "They told me at the Blood Bank this might happen."

4. "This is just a 15 minute power nap they raved about in the Time management course you sent me to."

3. "Whew! Guess I left the top off the Whiteout. You probably got here just in time."

2. "Did you ever notice sound coming out of these keyboards when you put your ear down real close?" AND THE NUMBER ONE THING TO SAY IF YOU GET CAUGHT SLEEPING AT YOUR DESK:

1. Raise your head slowly and say, " Jesus' name, Amen."


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time going so quickly

Why is it that when you have alot of things to do time goes by really quickly and people turn up.

Where i work the manager is leaving and she has asked if a scrap book can be made for her of people who work where i work as well as the events that we have.
I am the one who takes photos when an event is on and i place these photos onto Flickr , i had been getting lazy with adding the photos to Flickr and decided yesterday i would take the photos off my camera, make them all pretty looking, and add these photos to Flickr as well as get some more photos i have for the scrapbook for the manager and print them out.

The thing is that i do the photos on my laptop and then add them to the desktop, so it takes a bit of time to do them as im sure other would know who add pics to Flickr.

I had the photos finally onto my USB stick and was about to go to the desktop and one of my nephews "S" turns up.

Its 10.30pm he walks in, S "can i use your computer, i will only be 30 mins"

Me yeah sure, but i need to do something ok
I sit in the loungeroom watching the end of the movie, its now 11.20pm

Me walks to the computer room, "um 30 mins is up, i need to do something"

S, shows me his watch, i will be 15 more mins

Me, 20 mins later, i really need to do something on the computer

S, i will only be a few more mins, i just need to do this

Me, 25 mins later, ok a few mins is up I Need To Use The Computer

S, Oh ok if you have too, but you can leave the iphone plugged in

Me, i need the usb slot

S, but i need phone charged

I end up doing something else completely, and did today what i needed to do today.

So why is it that the days i have nothing i really have to do, no-one turns up, nothing exciting really happens, but the day i decide to do something people turn up??