Saturday, January 29, 2011

Craft people got together and raised money for Queensland Floods

As i wrote in a previous post about a group through Facebook called Make it Perfect craft people from all over the world got together and donated craft items to be sold to go to help the people affected by Queensland floods.

Sometimes people think that what craft people make are a little worthless but they arent really they are treasured memories.

It shows that no matter who you are you can help in some way to help people who need help

The items people donated sold and through raffles amounted too

ninety nine thousand and eight nine cents


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day and Inventions from Australia

As it is Australia Day i thought i would write about some of the inventions from Australia. I didnt know there was so many i couldnt fit them all onto this page

It says on Wikipedia :
Australia's contributions to science have been recognised in the 13 Australian Nobel laureates -- the highest rate per population of any country.




1838 - Pre-paid postage

1843 - Grain stripper

1856 - Refrigerator

1877 - Mechanical clippers

1889 - Electric drill

1892 - Coolgardie safe

1902 - Notepad

1912 - Surf ski

1930 - Clapperboard

1934 - Coupé utility

1940 - Zinc Cream

1948 - Rotary Clothes Line

1951-53 Holden Ute

1958 - Black box

1960 - Plastic spectacle lenses

1961 - Ultrasound

1965 - Inflatable escape slide

1965 - Wine cask.

1979 - Bionic ear - The cochlear implant was invented by Professor Graeme Clark.

1984 - Frozen embryo baby- The world's first frozen embryo baby was born in Melbourne on 28 March 1984

1984 - Baby Safety Capsule

1992 - Spray-on skin - Developed by Dr Fiona Wood at Royal Perth Hospital

2003 - Blast Glass - A ballistic and blast resistant glass system was invented by Peter Stephinson. Unlike conventional bullet proof glass it incorporates an air cavity to absorb the shock wave of explosions, and was effective in protecting the Australian Embassy in the Jakarta bombings of 2004.

Click if you want to read more about Australia's Inventions



My eye and a chocolate bar

I know i haven't written on this for awhile

The reason i cut my eye open. To look at a computer screen hurt my eye alot and well it still does hurt my eye a bit but i wanted to write something on here to explain why i hadn't written.

On Monday 17 January i was simply eating a Kit Kat with the wrapper still on it, somehow the wrapper rubbed against my left eye, the edges are serrated and while my eye was sore i didn't really think about it the next day waking up with my eye inflamed and i couldn't open it properly.

After going to doctors i was sent to an optometrist who told me that i had cut my eye open. To get it to heal i was to stay away from the computer as i needed my eye not to blink.

I still cant spend alot of time on the computer as it hurts where the cut is, i just need wait for my eye to heal itself.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Buying items to help Queensland Flood

A person called Toni from Make it Perfect website decided to hold a auction of items that people made with all the procedes going to Queensland Flood Appeal.

She thought she may get around 30 items to be auctioned off but has received many more than that


There are items from home made Quilts, Jewellery, home crafted Clothing and Bags, Fabrics, Sewing and Craft items, Gift Vouchers and loads more. Prices start on some items at $1.00

Click the button above to see the page of items you can buy and help the people who where affected by the floods..........the Auction closes 24 January 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Devasting Floods in Australia 2011

In parts of Australia at the moment there are floods in many areas. The one that most people are knowing about is Queensland.

Other areas of Australia with floods include:

Western Australia,
Central Victoria.
Northern Territory.
Border towns into New South Wales from Queensland,

As everyone knows a flood can be devasting to all, it is said it will take up to 50 years to recover from this flood.

There are news accounts like Jordan Rice, a 13-year-old Australian bo
y, who has emerged as a tragic-heroic figure of the disastrous Australian floods, himself afraid of water he made sure his little brother, Blake was rescued before him. Jordan Rice and his mother, Donna, were swept away by floodwaters and drowned before rescuer Warren McErlean could return for them. They had gone out to buy new school uniforms for the start of the new school year.
. . .
Pictures explain much
better than words
Below are some of what is happening


My heart goes out to the people who are suffering through this...
. .

If you want to Donate money click here

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Not Without my Daugther

Today i watched an old movie called Not Without my Daughter based on a true story.

The main story is about a women Betty who is married to Moody an Iranian doctor living in America and their child Mahtob. Moody wants to see his homeland again and after saying with his hand on the Koran they would be back in two weeks Betty decides she will go as she thinks she will be back after the two weeks.

Once Betty, Moody and Mahtob get to Iran she is asked to wear a Chardor which she does, when the family arrive at Moody's sisters place a sheep is slaughtered at the door step that they are to step over before going into the house the lamb is then distributed to the poor of the area.

After the two weeks Betty is seen to be packing her bag and asks Moody about going back to America where Moody turns around and tells her they are not going back that they are going to be living from now on in Iran.

As Betty has no freedom and wants to come back Moody says she can go back to America but she has to leave their daughter Mahtob which Betty doesn't want to do.

She talks to her mother who suggest she goes to the Swiss Embassy where she is told that as she married an Iranian man she is no longer American but Iranian and they cant help her get back to America.

One day she is out and she meets a man who makes a plan of how to get Betty and Mahtob out of Iran. Betty and Mahtob were to escape on 29 January when Betty received a phone call saying her father was ill with this Moody said that Betty could go back to America but Mahtob was to stay behind, Betty gets to a phonebox where she rings the man helping her to escape she talks about going back to America and coming back for Mahtob, the man suggest she doesn't do this as Moody may stop her from coming back into Iran.

On a day that they had been invited to dinner at a neighbor’s house Moody is called out to help a patient Betty makes an excuse that she has to go and buy presents for her parents (elsewhere it says Betty said she needed to go buy flowers to take to them, since it is a tradition in Iran. In addition, Betty was actually driven to the market area by her friend (a patient of Moody's) Fereshteh Noroozi she tells Fereshteh she will walk back to get some fresh air) but actually Betty and Mahtob escape and start their trip back to America

Now its up to you to believe everything about this movie as i don't know many Iranian people I'm going to err on the side that only part of it is true.

I did find a documentry called Without my Daughter from the fathers side but one thing got me the whole time while watching it, it says how he wanted to meet his daughter but why did he wait so long to try and find her, why didnt he go back to America and see if he could see her and not wait till she was 21?

I found a site that has supposedly tells you exactly how it happened if you would like to know more about this Not Without my Daughter

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The meaning of Itches

The other day my right palm was itching and with old wives tales it means i would gain some money where the left palm means i would loose some money and it got me thinking are there other there other wives tales for other parts of your body that itches and well it seems there is

This is a list i find of what itches supposedly mean

An itchy crown of the head: You will have an advance in position.

An itchy right cheek: Someone is speaking well of you.

An itchy left cheek: Someone is speaking poorly of you.

An itchy right eye or eyebrow: You will have a meeting with an old friend.

An itchy left eye or eyebrow: You will have a great disappointment.

An itch in the Inside of the nose: You will meet trouble and sorrow

An itchy outside of the nose: You will be annoyed, cursed, kissed or meet with a fool soon.

Itchy lips: Someone is saying something disrespectful to you.

Itchy back of the neck: There will be an illness in your family.

An itchy right shoulder: You will discover a legacy.

An itchy left shoulder: You will discover sorrow.

An itchy right elbow: You will get exciting news.

An itchy left elbow: You will get meet news and losses.

An itchy spine: You will have a disappointment.

Itchy loins: You will make amends after an argument.

An itchy stomach: Someone will offer you food.

Itchy thighs: You will find somewhere else to live.

An itchy right knee: You will have a happy journey.

An itchy left knee: Your journey will be troubled with bad luck.

Itchy shins: You will have an unpleasant surprise.

Itchy ankles: You will be married or increase your wealth.

An itchy sole of the right foot: You will have a profitable journey.

An itchy sole of the left foot: You will encounter losses on your journey.