Saturday, July 24, 2010

Money isint everything


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saying the wrong thing it seems

Yesterday a friend of mine rang me to ask me if i could come to her house as she had bought me something - which turned out to be a really nice top.

While there one of her friends turned up and she was talking about her son who has said has married this girl, the mother said she dosent understand why her son is with this women as her son is 23 and the women 34 and she has 2 children .........i laughed and said cool its great to be able to get a younger guy, my friend laughed and said yeah it is, the mother just looked at me.

The mother of the guy was still carrying on after about 20 mins and i kept saying what does this women have as the women is really ugly and some other stuff, so i said maybe she has money, but no she carried on more saying how the family live in Housing Commision and are on drugs.

So i said well it can be only 1 thing then, maybe she is good at sex.....

The mother looked at me with this look of what the feck.........

Ummm maybe i said the wrong thing but she was carrying on as if it was the end of the world what her son was doing.

I guess you dont want to think of your child having sex, but isint that how you got to be on earth??

Friday, July 16, 2010

Since having a cold

Since having a cold i have found out what i find some interesting things.

1. the reason you get a sore throat is because when you get the cold bacteria is made and it builds up in your throat

2. i had a ticklish throat when i had my cold... the one treatment i found that worked on me was to put salt and cold water in a glass and gargle it, after one treatment it worked great on me.

3. if you cough up phlegm and it is slightly yellow you have a infection and you need to get medication

4. the reason you get blocked ears, is because mucus builds up in the nasal passageway... some simple ways which are supposed to work are....yawn or open your mouth wide and swallow hard.
My ears are still blocked after a 4 weeks so im going to try one more idea to see if that works which is to Take warm water mixed with common salt, and place a small quantity on your palm. Slowly inhale this water so that it goes into your nostril and then breathe through your mouth or better still hold your breath.

Turn your head to the side where it is blocked. Do this a few times.
This is the site i got the information about unblocking your ears Yoga Health Benefits

Edit: well i tried the salt water idea and well it seems to work, it is the first time for weeks that i have been even able to pop my ear when blowing my nose.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cold wont leave me alone

Today i went to the doctor again as my cold is not leaving me alone, this is the third week ive had it.
The most annoying part i find is that my ears are blocked, people talk to me and i tell them i cant hear to well and they talk up for a minute and then they start to talk normally again and you look at them and say "wanna repeat that, i cant hear you" they are starting to unblock but its a little weird being able to hear yourself eat.

The one funny thing is my new doctor has never seen
Lingual Tonsils, which just means the tonsil tissue is in my tounge. Today she said to me happily that i am the first person she has ever seen who has lingual tonsils and sure she has studied it, but to be able to see it is something different, ive had them since i was 12 im now 46 so of course they are normal for me and i have heard of other people who have had it.

Ive had to choose a new doctor as my old doctor was in a bad car accident and has broken his back, i heard today that he is now
quadriplegic. I hope he is not to much pain mentally and hope that him and his family are handling it ok.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I was outside having a smoke the other day and thinking back when i was told the why you couldnt smoke while you are cooking, i always thought it would be the ash from the smoke, but the real reason is the salvia on the end of the smoke each time you put the smoke in and out of your mouth.

So i thought i might find some more trivia to add here

Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself.

The phrase "sleep tight" derives from the fact that early mattresses were filled with straw and held up with rope stretched across the bedframe. A tight sleep was a comfortable sleep.

The botanical name of the chocolate plant is Theobramba cacao, which means "Food of the Gods.
There is no such thing as a banana tree. Bananas grow on plants.

The human body has enough fat to produce 7 bars of soap.

Your stomach cells secrete hydrochloric acid, a corrosive compound used to treat metals in the industrial world. It can pickle steel, but mucous lining the stomach wall keeps this poisonous liquid safely in the digestive system.