Sunday, August 21, 2011

What have i been doing

I know what i want to write about on here but i am researching it before i write it so i know what im writing about.

Other reasons i havent written is that it is time for the newsletter i put together for where i do volunteer work.

Articles where supposed to be given to me a week ago so i have a chance to edit them which i do at home n
ot allowing me to write anything here. Putting the newsletter together i used to be able to do mainly at home and i had time to put things together, now i have to go in the office where i do volunteer work which means i need to find time to get there and sometimes when i have days i can be there the place is closed which is what happened last Friday.

There is now a committee for the newsletter to try to make it easier for me, which it dosent really do as others in the committee think that it is ok to give me the information the day that the newsletter is supposed to be finished which of course puts me back in time with some of them wondering why i havent finished it.

So yes im ranting and raving and yes i will be bringing this up at the next meeting cause instead of making things easier and teaching someone else how to do the newsletter its not happening at all.