Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another side to Rugby World Cup

When i read this i cracked up the next Rugby World Cup is on which is between 9 September - 23 October 2011 in New Zealand

While its on there is going to be another business which is going to be kept pretty busy

What sort of business you may ask well Brothels.

Brennan, a dominatrix who runs a bondage brothel in Wellington, has said she already has received pre-bookings from South Africa, England, Ireland and Canada.

It seems New Zealand introduced some of the world's most liberal prostitution laws eight years ago, when sex work was decriminalised, allowing brothels and street workers to operate legally.

New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective coordinator Catherine Healy said many visitors during the September 9-October 23 tournament would be surprised at how openly the industry operates.

"Paying for sex in this country isn't against the law," she said.

"There isn't that whole subterfuge where people say it's a massage parlour, an escort agency, or we're just talking.

She said there were about 3,500 prostitutes working in New Zealand and all the signs were that business would be brisk during the World Cup.

They've organised to have condom supplies doubled throughout the period, which took a bit of work with the condom companies. The brothels are doubling up on their orders and getting ready... in the warehouse they're stacked from the floor to the ceiling."