Wednesday, April 30, 2008

World of Warcraft (WoW)

I like to play a game called World of Warcraft (WoW), the game can be very adictive, some people playing for days on end.
Some people are surprised to find out that i am 43 years old and that i play WoW, most of the people who play the game are in their teens or 20's and mainly male, it is rare to find a female who is 43 i am told, i often dont tell people how old i am on purpose as i get annoyed with questions of why am i playing this, shouldnt i be looking after my family, shouldnt i be doing housework hehehehe oh well, i have to be different lol

I am one of the rare ones, that plays for a few hours a day, but dont have a need to play all the time, nor do i spend every hour of the day thinking of the game.

On Tuesday nights, usually every week the company who runs WoW (Blizzard) do mainteance on the game, it is usually down every week for around 8 hours but not always.

Some people i know spend that time reading up on different sets of armour you can get, or how to run different Raids, i dont and i am often asked why i havent watched a YouTube video of a certain raid, (im not playing the game properly).

I highest level you can get a character at the moment is 70, i have 2 level 70 characters, only 1 i play all the time, but i have also a level 55 character, last night some friends and i went into a certain area to do some quests, while there a certain weapon dropped, everyone is so excited that i got this weapon, myself i am like um yeah ok.....i dont tell the guys in the game this though as they would think i am weird.

It is a great game though to play if you want to talk to people from different countries, the Guild i am in is full of people mainly from Singapore, (they are teaching me a few words to say), it is fun to just find out a different way of how people are living.

So even though the game is adicitive i think the game is worth playing, espically if you are one of the people who arent able to get out of the house very much, you can talk to people to stop you from getting lonely (even though they are not your real friends), and you can learn about different countries at the same time

Hmm i think this sorta sounds like a report, but i am tpying this at 3.30am (im a night person)