Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Characters in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft (WoW) i have 2 level 80 characters which is the highest you can get to at the moment, one is a Frost/Fire Mage and the other a Holy Paladin.

I often go to instances and heal for people but i find that it gets hard when i have to heal loads of people at once and in Raids i am usually put onto the tanks, as i have what is known as "Direct Heal" (i can only heal one person at a time).

I know i should be playing my two characters but i get so bored with them, i have to wait for a group to go and do an instance, and then i can only do Heroic Instances once per 24 hours. (a area where there are main bosses and other characters you need to kill, killing them gets you better amour or weapons).

So as i said i am sick of healing like i have to, i have made a Shaman,(people in my guild dont know of this Shaman character i have made, once i get big enough like level 60, then i might join the guild that my other characters are in)

With a Shaman i get at level 40 something called Chain Heal, how Chain Heal works it seems you aim for one person and anyone standing near gets healed at the same time, this way when i go to instances and such i wont get yelled at for supposedly not healing and i will have less stress as i can see the peoples health go down and not being able to heal them as i am healing someone else.

We will see how things go with leveling and playing this character, if i prefer this healing then my paladin will just be sitting there doing nothing hehehe


Michaela said...

Hi - I'm stopping by from Entrecard. This post caught my eye, because I am an ex WoW addict! :) I stopped playing over 6 months ago, but have been itching to play again ever since the new expansion.

Ashrt said...

Im sorta an addict, but i know im not as bad as some of the people in my guild.

If you can stop playing dont go back, the new expansion isint that exciting,
you seem to level to 80 really quickly
some of the raids are boring....people are hanging out for the next patch which has a different raid to go to