Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Topless women in shows

I was watching a tv show last night and it had a few women topless in it, why they had to be topless i don't know, they could have put a sheet over them, but no the person making the show said the women had to be topless i guess

But it brought up a memory from years ago of a Pizza Shop near where i live that i think was loosing money so they decided to have topless women taking the orders for Pizza after 9pm.
I remember a friend of mine went there as her boyfriend wanted to go to order a Pizza from there just to see the women topless.
When they got there the women were supposedly not that good looking and leaning into the guys i guess making it that the man who was ordering almost touched their breasts.

I remember the Pizza store ended up closing a month or two later, it seems that the first few weeks where fine but customers stopped going to the store, hehehe some people do weird things to bring customers into their shops don't they