Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chair Collapse

I felt sorry for this lady today, while i was out doing my shopping i saw this lady go to sit down on a chair in the shopping centre with the chair collapsing on her.

The lady was of a larger size and all i could think was how she would probably be so embarrassed.

I was talking to one of the cashier in the supermarket i was in and he was telling me how the chair had broken on the weekend with a poor women falling onto her face, what the shopping centre had done was just screw the leg back in.

The chairs have been there for i dont know how long.

Hopefully this time they fix the chair properly or get new chairs

The last i saw of the lady was that she was sitting outside with 2 ambulance officers seeing to her, she was asked not to move from where she fell by the ambulance people but she stood and walked outside. It looks so she may have hurt her back but hopefully she is ok.