Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Volunteer Award

I do a fair bit of Volunteer work not cause i have to but because i enjoy doing it.

Some of what i do is be a receptionist at a referral centre, help people fill in forms, make people feel special by speaking to them and finding something about them that i will praise.
Another part is i put together a newsletter for the area, people send me in articles i go through these articles try to make them sound a little nicer, look for spelling errors or just normal grammatical errors, make the article look nice then put the newsletter together, with a fun page which consists of a recipe, a find a word and some trivia or jokes.

We used to have a manager and the person we have there now is in an acting position, so another part i do is that i get internal emails anything that i think can help where i do my volunteer work or issues that may be coming up, i send them to another person who works for this same place.

Today i received a phone call telling me there was a luncheon on tomorrow and im thinking yeah ok, but it seems that someone has put my name forward for a Volunteer Award, and tomorrow there will be a luncheon to receive the award.

Im surprised about getting a nomination as i dont do volunteer work to get awards, but it is nice getting something to say thankyou for the work i do.

This all might seem weird how i have written this, but last night i had 5 1/2 hours sleep and im really tired at the moment, but im trying to keep myself awake and go to bed close to the time i normally do...sigh........