Thursday, October 8, 2009

Religious Chatting

Yesterday i was on a game that can be found in Facebook called Yoville.....what people where saying was making me shake my head and laugh...what happened was:

A few people had gone to a certain area and some where talking about God and how God is Good and other where saying Hitler was Good..

Why this made me laugh was how some people seem to be really what i think Brained Washed in thinking of God, and that they dont seem to be able to see other things..

People where saying things like it says blah blah in the Bible, so i asked them if they could tell me in which verse it said this and i would go look and if they where correct i would leave them be, no-one could tell me which verse certain things where said ...
Another was that i brought up that God allows us to have free will, so dont i have the right to think the way i do...

From this i got told that i was confused and that i didnt know what i was talking about, but as i have said above i asked them where abouts in the Bible it says such things..

The people who where saying Hitler was good said that they belived in God as well, but they wanted to mess up the God people and see what sort of reaction they would get...

I dont understand why people seem to think only through the Bible and act as if they are Bible Bashed, but then god made us all different and they have the right to think that way..

To me Yes i believe in God, i believe we are all here for a reason and that we all do think differently, but i dont like people trying to push their ideas onto me and being being told that i am wrong as i dont think like them ...