Thursday, October 1, 2009


Every week ive been making something different to what i make just for dinner.

So far i have made Herb pull apart bread, where what you do is make the herb bread and you cut it into 8 pieces, you then get some ham and cheese and roll the sides of the bread into the ham mixture then you place it in a round cake dish and let it rise for around 40 mins and then bake it
It comes out really yummy as the ham and cheese have melted and gone into the bread.

This week i made a sorta concoction, i got Sao biscuits and i had chocolate pudding, custard and passionfruit.
What i did was i made a layer on Sao biscuits in a container, made the chocolate pudding pouring that onto the Sao's and then made custard and put that onto of the chocolate pudding and then passionfruit on top of that.
It sorta taste ok, but it was a little weird.

This week or next week i am going to make Vanilla Slice with the Sao biscuits, i remember my mum making them and they where really yummy, so im gonna have a try.
I found a recipe for them so i shall see how it works out. This is a link to the Vanilla Slice i am gonna make if anyone wants to make it

Even though i make all these foods i end up giving it away to friends of mine, they really like it when i get in the mood to cook hehehe

Maybe i will take of picture of the Vanilla Slice, but im pretty lazy with that stuff, but im sure it will taste ok