Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting a cold

I went to a friends place of Wednesday she has 5 children of different ages, one of them has a learning difficulty as well as being deaf, she also had a cold...
She has this thing of when i go over that she likes to play and sit on my knee, she is 15 and well normally i dont have a problem with this, but i think she has given me a cold

Today is Friday, my throat is slightly sore, i can feel something at the back of my nose and i seem to forget things, also my voice is going deeper.

As i female i have a pretty deep voice that guys seem to like ehhh its a voice, but i can hear my voice changing.

I rarely get sick and the last time i had a cold was about 3 years ago, im hoping that my body fights it and that it dosent get too bad as i really hate getting sick, i think i might be one of the worse people to be around when im ill.

Cross your fingers for me that it goes away...