Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lending the Laptop

Ive always had two computers in my house in case one breaks, i have the other to get on..

I had always wanted a laptop cause i thought they looked cool and i kept thinking all the things i could do on it, so after the last computer died i bought this laptop, i used it for 6 months and then it just sat there gathering dust.

A friend of mine who i got into using facebook rang me on Sunday to ask if i could look after some of her games for her and i suggested she could use my laptop till she got her computer fixed, my friend dosent know to much about computers and well i dont know alot but i know enough to get myself out of trouble.

After getting off the phone to her i thought hmm i better upgrade what needs to be upgraded, cause the laptop hasent been used for awhile there was no power left in it so i had to start it back cut things short here i was thinking hmm it will probably take 2 hours at the most to update the laptop but no it took more like 4 hours.
MSN wouldnt work and after reading the errors it seemed i had another version in there so i had to get rid of that and all the updates from windows sheesh there was 56 of them.

So now my friend has my laptop and it is all working fine, and i am glad i decided to check what needed to be updated before i gave it to her or she would have had another non-working computer.