Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Car in an accident

Today while driving my car out of the driveway i noticed the young guy across the road was about to get in his car and thinking he would have seen me reversing i started to reverse the car out.

Im pretty careful as i reverse out onto the street in case there are any children walking along or any cars.

So as i am about to get onto the road the young guy starts to reverse his car and dosent look, i see the car is going pretty fast and thinking i should move my car forward he hits my car before i had a chance to move.

My reaction was oh ok he has hit my car.

I got out of the car and all that has happened is that i have a small ding in the back panel.

I think he was in shock and upset what he has done, and i have been trying to tell him that it is ok.

Next door to me my neighbour has a friend and he had a look at the car and works as a panel beater so we have arranged for the car to be taken there to be checked and the car will be fixed there.

Im not sure why im not worried about it but it but as i have told his family it is a car, no-one has been hurt and the car is still drivable, as i dont want to take the car to where the panel beater is, i have asked that on of his family do it for me.

Im waiting to see if i go into shock but so far nothing has happened to me. I feel more sorry for the young guy as i think it has affected him more than it has me.