Monday, September 27, 2010

A Dog

On Saturday one of my neighbours children came over as there was a dog in her front yard that looked it was crying and it wouldn't move.

So i went over and saw a dog there and also some other children who didn't live there but said they knew where the dog belonged.

We tried to get the dog to move which it wouldn't, so i found some rope and made a slipknot and placed it around the dogs neck, we followed the children who said they knew the dogs home and the dog happily walked along.

Getting to where the children said the dog lived i got told no it belonged next door, so i went to walk next door, this man who was drunk then came running out the door yelling at me to take the rope away from the dogs neck, i told him how the rope was not hurting him and how it was loose, i went on to tell him how the dog was found at my friends house around children, yelling at me he told me how the dog wouldn't hurt children and how he let the dog walk around all the time, I started to yell at him and told him how it was dangerous for the dog to walk around, he stopped yelling at me by then, walking away i said to him that i hoped that one day the dog didn't get run over.

I felt sorry for the dog though as when the man took the rope from the dogs neck, the man went to hit him, the dogs tail went between its legs and started to cower.