Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birds Chirping

I am a night owl so i often hear birds chirping as soon as the sun starts to appear and i wondered why they seemed to do this particular chirp which was pretty loud and different to the ones you hear during the day, so of course i had to search to find out and this is what i found.

There are a few explanations of why birds do this

  1. The modern scientific viewpoint, it is devoid of any romantic, religious or aesthetic aspects.

    It states that the dawn chorus signifies the warning signals given by each bird (usually the male bird) as it announces the re-establishment of its territory for the purpose of courtship, nesting and food getting.

    All of these are basic steps to breeding and the dawn chorus is just a way to warn other counterparts to keep away from their respective territories.

  2. The conventional opinion in the Middle Ages about the singing of birds was that the birds chirped early in the morning to praise their Creator, sweetly exalting their Lord for all the beauties he had adorned the entire world with.

    Another standpoint stated that birds sang a welcome song for the sun, expressing their keenness for the sunrise, which symbolized food, warmth and protection.