Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My eye and a chocolate bar

I know i haven't written on this for awhile

The reason i cut my eye open. To look at a computer screen hurt my eye alot and well it still does hurt my eye a bit but i wanted to write something on here to explain why i hadn't written.

On Monday 17 January i was simply eating a Kit Kat with the wrapper still on it, somehow the wrapper rubbed against my left eye, the edges are serrated and while my eye was sore i didn't really think about it the next day waking up with my eye inflamed and i couldn't open it properly.

After going to doctors i was sent to an optometrist who told me that i had cut my eye open. To get it to heal i was to stay away from the computer as i needed my eye not to blink.

I still cant spend alot of time on the computer as it hurts where the cut is, i just need wait for my eye to heal itself.