Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The meaning of Itches

The other day my right palm was itching and with old wives tales it means i would gain some money where the left palm means i would loose some money and it got me thinking are there other there other wives tales for other parts of your body that itches and well it seems there is

This is a list i find of what itches supposedly mean

An itchy crown of the head: You will have an advance in position.

An itchy right cheek: Someone is speaking well of you.

An itchy left cheek: Someone is speaking poorly of you.

An itchy right eye or eyebrow: You will have a meeting with an old friend.

An itchy left eye or eyebrow: You will have a great disappointment.

An itch in the Inside of the nose: You will meet trouble and sorrow

An itchy outside of the nose: You will be annoyed, cursed, kissed or meet with a fool soon.

Itchy lips: Someone is saying something disrespectful to you.

Itchy back of the neck: There will be an illness in your family.

An itchy right shoulder: You will discover a legacy.

An itchy left shoulder: You will discover sorrow.

An itchy right elbow: You will get exciting news.

An itchy left elbow: You will get meet news and losses.

An itchy spine: You will have a disappointment.

Itchy loins: You will make amends after an argument.

An itchy stomach: Someone will offer you food.

Itchy thighs: You will find somewhere else to live.

An itchy right knee: You will have a happy journey.

An itchy left knee: Your journey will be troubled with bad luck.

Itchy shins: You will have an unpleasant surprise.

Itchy ankles: You will be married or increase your wealth.

An itchy sole of the right foot: You will have a profitable journey.

An itchy sole of the left foot: You will encounter losses on your journey.