Friday, December 16, 2011

Carols by Candlelight

Yesterday was a great day as last night went to Carols by Candlelight.

Where i do volunteer work they arranged a few months ago to try to start a new tradition around where i live by having the carols, I made a flyer around a month ago to advertise it was on so people knew where to go.

My job for the night, to take photo's of the people the activities and just to see the smiles on peoples faces.

The day started with an Aboriginal man called Uncle Steve who did an welcome to the land as the suburb was where the Darug, Tharawal and Gandangara tribes lived in the 1700's.

From there we had people from Salvation Army Band singing, a local choir which is run from where i do my volunteer work and some other people singing.

A barbecue was also held which in the area is a good thing as there is a population of people with mental health issues or on a low income.

We made sure the children would be having fun as well with a person make animals out of balloons and children being able to get their faces painted.

There was a showbag which had brochures of what is around the area and the smallest battery operated candle i had ever seen, it was maybe 7 cm tall ,there where also glow sticks which where mainly for the children which we made into bracelets for them.

After that Santa came and handed all the children presents which consisted of a colouring book, pencils and a huge bubble blowing toys. It was so cool to see the smiling faces when Santa showed up makes it feel all magical again like when i was a child. Had two people waiting for the presents who knew who the man in the Santa suit was but in front of them was a small child so im saying sure that is Santa and they where saying no no its this other man, so i said well if you dont believe in Santa why are you lined up to get presents cause only Santa hands out presents, they giggled and said yeah it is Santa isint it lol

I grabbed one of the bubble blowing toys so i can make bubbles and act like a child around my house lol

I do have pictures but ive been lazy and havent added them to my computer yet.