Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So easy to find people

I live in a Unit and a few times i have received mail for a person who lives i guess in a house, but as the number is the same street number as mine the postman puts it in my letter box.

I opened what was posted this time as it looked like a Christmas Card and thought that maybe it would have an return address inside, which of course there wasent.

I got onto the computer and went to our local white pages and typed in the name on the envelope as well as my street and there it was i had found where this person lived.

Taking the card to the persons address I found it was an old lady and told her how maybe she should contact this person who sent the card so she dosent miss out on anything, i apologised that i had opened the card and she was all thats ok and thanked me for giving her the card.

But wow so easy to find people these days eeek scary