Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dog Sitting

A friend of mine has a pet Chihuahua and she has had to go away for a few days, she has asked me to look after her dog, the thing is the dog is very timid. He is used to being around her and her pet cats only so you can imagine he is looking for her and she is also worried about him.

I read that pet Chihuahua's both demand and give affection to anyone who they trust. They are bold in the way that they will move quickly to see what is going on, but will swiftly move to avoid any actual action. They can also be very strong willed, intensely loyal and will become very attached to their owner if treated correctly. In fact, it may turn to jealousy in certain instances.

But all is going well with him, i am basically ignoring him and he is getting closer and closer to me even to the point of coming to lick me, which i read is that he is starting to trust me a little. Now and then he climbs onto a chair i have behind me and goes to sleep, i took a pic of him while he was asleep and sent it to his owner so she can feel better about him being with me.