Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Knitted hat pattern

As its winter were i am and i like making things i started to knit hats or beanies again, usually i do them on 4 needles or on a round needle but this time i wanted to be lazy and found a great pattern for a 2 needle hat which takes hardly any time at all to knit.

Ive knitted 3 hats so far  and am in the process of doing one now for a friend, i have told my friends if they want a hat done to buy me the wool and i will knit a hat for two for them which some are quite happy to do.  As you can see it has a basic band and normal pearl/plain to finish the hat to the length you want decreasing as you get closer to the top

1 of the hats ive knitted

This is the link to the page of the hat im making which is sooooo easy to do...