Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Men Bashing

Why is it that some men seem to think that if they cant get their way they will bash someone??

A few days ago i heard a scream of HELP!!!!!, rushing outside i am asked to quickly call the police

A man bashing his girlfriend , it seems this man has been working many hours (to many) and when asked to leave he got violent and started to hit his girlfriend, then grabbing their 2 year old child starts to walk out with him, of course the girlfriend dosent want the child to go with the boyfriend when he has just hit her, so they wrestle, her trying to get the child, him holding the child (the child screaming for his mum).

The police finally get here, even though i am told they are on their way, but it takes them around 7 minutes before they reach. Luckily by this time the boyfriend has let go of the child, as i wouldnt like to see what would have happened if he got away with the child.