Monday, January 12, 2009

Changing Climate, Changing Times

Was watching what i thought was a Documentary of what would happen when the climate changes on SBS TV last night and it turns out it is a movie/documentary.

The year is 2075.
Using clever dramatisation and CGI, the film takes on the assumption that climate predictions made at the beginning of the 21st century have turned out to be dramatically true, it shows how life has changed with the weather getting hotter and some of the things we see as every day items not longer being used

The part i saw was about a man who lived in Africa and how he is trying to get into Europe so that he can get a job, but to do this he had to pass a series of tests that last for around 48 hours, some of the tests where physical and mental, he had to be subservient at all times and was watched if he failed in one area he was kicked out straight away.
The way they got from Africa to Europe was interesting, they where saying how there were super fast trains that took only a few hours.

Another part was about a man and his granddaughter who lived on a farm, they had hardly any water and such, at one stage a bottle of Wine is opened it was the last wine that was made the traditional way of growing grapes on the land (it goes into a dream sequence of the now older man remembers sitting on his grandfathers tractor as the grapes where being harvested) Wine is no longer made this way it seems or maybe you can no longer get wine, im not to sure.

Antarctica in the movies is now a Major shipping lane and that the Panama Canal is no longer used.

They showed alot of Planes that are used now no longer be used with all the planes just sitting around doing nothing.

People where going back and learning the old ways of how to do things again.

It was interesting and showed what could happen, but maybe the future wont be like that. Many years ago there was this going on about how there was going to be a big war and the world would die, and wasn't that supposed to happen soon???

Yes climate changed is bad, but you never know what is going to happen in the future.


Raiien said...

Any idea what the name of the documentary is?

Ashrt said...

The show was actually called
"Changing Climate, Changing Times"