Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Doctor in America used Fat As Car Fuel

It seems a plastic surgeon who practised in Beverly Hills, California, has been using human fat liposuctioned from former patients to fuel his car.

The Doctor Alan Bittner allegedly collected the human fat and turned it into biodiesel for his own SUV and his girlfriend's car. He is being investigated by California's public health department.
Although the idea itself may seem to satisfy "green" values, it's against the law in California to use what is essentially human medical waste as fuel for cars.
He reportedly wrote about the practice on his website,, which has
since been shut down. "The vast majority of my patients request that I use their
fat for fuel - and I have more fat than I can use,”.

Bittner has performed over 7,000 liposuction operations - and according to Forbes, a gallon of fat will produce about a gallon of fuel, and drivers can get about the same amount of mileage from fat fuel as they do from regular diesel.

Numerous food processing companies are considering using waste products such as animal and vegetable fats as fuel: they are a rich source of triglycerides that can be converted to biodiesel.

Can you just see it in the future, having fat farms where people
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