Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Neighbours Ex-Boyfriend

On Sunday night i was outside having a smoke when i heard someone say hello to me, it turned out to be the ex boyfriend of the daughter who lives next door, he was taking down some blankets that have been in the neighbours backyard.

I started talking to him for a few minutes telling him how the dog Milo had gone and him saying that he cried that the dog had gone, and he wished that Milo was still there, mind you this is the first time ive seen him since last year.

Anyhow i saw the neighbour and said how i had seen the ex boyfriend and it seems that he had taken the blankets to have sex with a girl who was waiting in the park next to my house.

It seems that a neighbour down the road saw him taking the blankets and was wondering what he was doing and saw him with the girl and then seeing them starting to have sex, ewwwww.

This park mind you has people walking through it now and then as it is a path that joins up with more pathways to get through a few streets, imagine walking along there and seeing people having sex as your walking home.


Arameya said...

Jesus, it's actually quite lol-able.

"Oh, I met my neighbour's daughter's ex-bf and he was taking some blankets down... What? You saw him fucking some other chick? In the park? On those blankets?!?!!?!?"


Thrawn has made me bad. :(