Saturday, May 23, 2009

My birthday in World of Warcraft

Yesterday was my birthday and other than having a few drinks i went and played World of Warcraft.
What i didnt know was that my new guild BBR had decided to celebrate my birthday.
We got to Booty Bay and where standing on a roof, i was wondering what we where doing here and thought oh well they will say so soon, maybe we are going to raid horde towns but.....
The next minute they started dropping cakes on the roof, putting down smoke streams and placing a glow thing for me to stand under, later they started throwing sparklers onto me, i felt all mushy and didnt know what to say and felt like crying with all that they did for me.
Then after that we had a race to Gurabshi Arena, as it was my birthday i got a ride in Maraxus's sidecar, it was great fun...
The guys from the guild probably wont read this as they dont know about my blog, but it was a great way to celebrate my birthday in WoW


blogangel said...

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