Saturday, May 2, 2009

My previously annoying neighbours

What a difference a few months make...

People who had read my blog previously may have read about some annoying neighbours i had, telling me i had to park my car in a certain spot and stuff like that.

Well it seems that the girl and guy who where living below me have broken up.

A couple of weeks ago i heard the two of them arguing pretty badly, she screaming at him to get away from her car and hearing noises like he was doing something to the car, i heard her drive away after she was screaming with fright with her coming back around 5 minutes later to hear more arguing from the two of them

Today i went and visited one of my neighbours who also heard the fight and came over to break up the fight as things where getting a bit out of hand he said.
It seems what had happened was that she would do housework and stuff and he would do nothing, she would go away for a few days to come back to the house dirty.
Also she heard him talking to another girl on the phone confronting him about it, he had found himself another girlfriend and didn't want to be with her, but it seems he thought it was ok for her to still look after him.

So anyhow i now have a quiet neighbourhood again, as he is living with either his sister or his new girlfriend and his old girlfriend has moved out.