Thursday, June 11, 2009

In 1970 how 2000 will look

Talking to a friend the other day on the net we started talking about when we where children, and what our parents told us would probably happen

My online friend is in America and i found it funny that some of the things she was told would happen where really close to what i was told here in Australia.

The first one was driving and cars, seems we where both told that by the time we got our licence and where able to drive we would probably have cars that flew, like in the show The Jetsons, we are both still waiting for the flying cars...

But then of course a few years after we had the flying cars, we would have Teleports, like in Star Trek.

Oh another favourite one was when the earth would die, there where shows about it and people really got worried, the year for that to happen was anywhere between 2007 and 2012, hmmm we are still here and i cant see it happening. This became because of a person from many years ago called Nostradamus

The other one was that in 2000, all the computers would stop working, we would be in darkness, no food all those sorts of things. In Australia i remember them selling survival kits, from memory what you got in them was, water, purification tablets, a torch and some batteries, there where other things as well in the kit, but i cant remember them all, my friend in America said that they didn't have them there where she lives

Silly things that people say can happen isn't it....