Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nasty Surprise

I got rung by my old neighbour saying that another letter had turned up for me, when i opened it, it is a letter from a Solicitor saying that i owe $495.00 to a video store.

I haven't rented a DVD for ages, i rang the place today them asking why i owe the money, it seems that one of my nephews had been using my card, renting videos and PlayStation games and not returning them.

Ive got the amount down to $215.00 so far, but I'm still asking why i owe this amount and why isn't it less seeing though i haven't lived at that address for over 4 years and its not my fault that i hadn't received any letters from them.

They are saying that as the video card had a password on it, i am liable grrrrr.

I am going to ring my sister and see if i can get some of the money owing so i don't need to pay it all, crossing my fingers she will agree but i really doubt it...

I am waiting at the moment for them to ring me back to tell me the correct price that needs to be paid