Saturday, June 13, 2009

Washing my clothes

Today i woke knowing that my sister would be over later in the day, so i decided to get some housework done before she turned up.

One of it was washing my clothes, i put the clothes in the washing machine and then went and got some breakfast as well as doing a bit of tidy up.

I have my breakfast ready and go and do what i usually do which is to sit in front of the computer to read my emails and do stuff like that.

When i walked out of the kitchen i felt like screaming and crying at the same time, the water from the washing machine had come out, it was streaming down the carpet of my hallway, putting my breakfast down and rushing to the washing machine, i got it turned off and started mopping up the floor.
I thought i would look at the machine and see if there was a reason this was happening and tried to get the water to come out of the machine, it would come out for awhile then it would stop, so i decided to look at the hose of the machine, when i did that, all the water started to pour out of the machine, finally i got a bucket under it, but some of the water had escaped to where the water had been that i mopped up.

I ended up spending around 1 hour trying to mop the water up, it has gone into the carpet, down my hallway into the lounge room, it has also gone into the room i have my computers in.

It is winter here at the moment and i have 2 heaters going as well as a fan trying to dry the carpet up that the water had gone onto.

My sister meanwhile turned up just after i finished moping up the floor.....