Sunday, February 14, 2010

Burnt my finger

Tonight i was being lazy with dinner and thought i would heat up some can soup, i was rushing around trying to get it done as i had to start work really soon.

Most people know that when you heating something to watch out that you dont burn yourself when you take the Cling Wrap off and well usually i am, but tonight i wasent

I had steam burn on my left index finger, i got a cloth and put some cold water on it thinking it will take the pain away.

Sure it took the pain away, but as soon as i moved the cloth my finger would start to hurt again, this happened up to 1 1/2 hours after the burn.

So searching on Goggle i found some interesting suggestions of how to stop the burning, below are some of what was suggested:

Put urine on it.....hmm no thanks

Put toothpaste on why, toothpaste burns

Put honey on it, then wrap the burnt part in cling wrap......might work but still not something i want to do

Get some milk and add some cinamon to it................well i sorta did this one

What i did do was get a small glass on milk and then i put my finger into the milk, it felt sooooo nice as of course the milk was cold, but 20 mins after i had my finger in the milk the pain went away.

Who knew, milk is good for loads of things


Stanis said...

milk......i'll try to remember that next time i get burnt! nice one!

Ashrt said...

Thanks i thought it was strange how it helped so much to make my finger feel better