Thursday, February 18, 2010

Met the Girlfriend

One of my nephews S has had the same girlfriend for around 5 months now,

She dosent trust him and thinks that he is going to cheat on her, S often comes to my house and she has been wanting to come here and meet me, (she has met the rest of my family)

She has asked S when she will get to meet me and really wants to meet me, as im the only one she hasent met she is sorta demanding to meet me, so i wont meet her as i dont like people who are demanding.

Anyhow today we meet, S had driven near my house to get something and he stopped near me and i said to him do you want to get this meeting the girlfriend thing out of the way, and he goes yeah sure lets do it.

So i meet her and told her how S could not be cheating on her at all, as for 1 he dosent have the time too, she is with him most of the time or he is at work.

Also i am the type of person who dosent lie, and S will tell me everything and anything as i wont judge him.

S said to the girlfriend, does my aunt look like a type of person to lie and she goes well no, so then i told her the story i did to S younger brother B.

When B was 16 he was mucking around and i told him to stop it but he continued, what i did was i made him sit in the floor with his legs crossed, he hated this of course and complained, my response to him was "if you are going to act like a child, i will treat you as one".

When i told the girlfriend this, she started to hopefully know she knows that if S does ever cheat on her or if he is having a problem with her he will tell me, and i will help S in any way he needs my help....


Debrat said...

S girlfriend is still a little crazy but, just have to figure out if she is crazy for him or just plane crazy.

Well B is all talk, you wouldnt dare try to do that to D....mind you D wouldnt get caught getting in trouble

Ashrt said...

No D is to clever to get caught, plus all adults now, what can i do

S is easy hold him down and tickle him or pretend to hug him.

D well there are ways to get him, but i dont heheh