Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Afternoon Neighbours

Today i decided i wouldnt spend most of my spare time being on my computer, after getting home at 4.30 i sat around thinking hmmm what should i do.

Now this might not sound exciting to many people i had a fun afternoon.

What i did was go to a friends place that has 5 children aged from 16 to 3.

While there i helped my friends 6 yr old boy do his homework, him walking away with a smile on his face as i was praising him each time he did something and at times i would get things wrong saying to him it was lucky he was there to help me.

My friend has just started selling Avon with the person signing her up supposed to have been there yesterday to help her do her first order (my friend had no-one show her to how to do the order).

Luckily years ago i had done Avon and i said i would help her get her first order in, but she should contact her Rep, after great fun of getting her a Rep number so she could make her orders, we tried to do it over the internet with the password i had for her wrong, (seems the first person i spoke to for my friend made a password and didnt tell me what it was).
By this time i am getting pretty pissed of with Avon and seeing again why i stopped selling it. I finally got her order done by paper trying to show her how to do it.

Then after all that work i got dinner from her which was the best part, as my friend is Lebanese she had made stuffed zuchinni in a tomato sauce and it was so yummy and close to one of the most favourite things she makes