Saturday, March 13, 2010

Car done at last

Last weekend i meet a friend of a friend who is a motor mechanic, who has a mobile service, ive been putting off getting the service done, but thought i best do it.

What some people might not know is that i work at night time, often not getting to sleep till 4am....

So anyhow i arranged for this man to turn up on Wednesday, he said he would be here at 9am (ugh ugh ugh) i thought ok it wont kill me having not much sleep.

Wednesday comes i wake up at 8.30am, ive had about 3 hours sleep, jump on the computer to make sure i stay awake, i stay awake in case he turns up but the man dosent turn crap for the rest of the day..

Friday comes and my friend comes over saying that the man has turned up and wants to look at the car now, i had arranged to go out so said it was ok for him to look but i needed to go out, so that was ok i was given a price of what it would cost me. I said yeah it was find what the price is.

Today i saw the man across at my friends house but thought he was helping my friend with something over there as my friend is fixing up a boat to sell.

It seems though that the man had turned up to do my car and they had been trying to get me on my mobile but i was asleep.

But alls well that ends well the service was done on my car and next time i get it done we can hopefully work out the timing better