Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good and Bad

I do a bit of volunteer work and on Friday they had an award luncheon, my name had been put down to win one of the awards.

At the Luncheon i was awarded one of the two main awards, i got volunteer of the year for the area i live in 2009/10

I received a certificate and a clock that has a plaque with my name engraved into it.

The bad, i have/had a pet cockatiel called Cello, he is/was a little over three years old, he liked to have me in sight and he sat on the main door, on Friday i had the screen door open a little long, he flew out the door, i have put up notices to see if anyone sees him offering a reward if i get him back. It now Tuesday and i haven't heard anything yet.

Two of my nephews S and B came over tonight with their girlfriends, K and P.

K and S are looking for a place to live and she has a cat around 5 months old, she asked if i would look after it for her, i said i would as long as i could give her back as i don't want to keep someone elses animal. So i will have an animal to look after for awhile, but its not the same as having a bird.