Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Very picky People

Last week i went to an event where i do some volunteer work to celebrate the 10th birthday of the agency, while there some of the volunteer's got together and sang a song to promote the place.
I thought it would be fun to video it on my phone which i did and i said to a few of the people who where singing that i had video it and that i would be putting it on Youtube, teasing this one man as he dosent really have any computer knowledge and saying he could tell his children he was now on the computer.

Today when i went in i said to this one person who was in the video that i had put it on Youtube, she turned around to me and said nastily that i didnt have to right to do that, that i didnt get her permission and what i had done was wrong. The manager of the place was standing there looking a little concerned for her.

Years ago i had a problem like this to do with some photos i take, the manager at the time told me that as the photos where taken by me for my personal use, that if the people are adults then i am allowed to do it, that i dont need to get release signatures as this person was saying.

I do know that i have to be careful with children and if i want to take a photo that a child in it, i will try to find the parent or if the child is in the picture i blur them out, i often ask adults as well if it is ok that i take their photo or that i have taken their photo are they ok with it, and often get asked if they could have a copy of my photos.

It just pissed me off that here i am doing something that no-one else has a problem with and this one person is trying to ruin it for everyone........i also dont like it when people open their mouth when they arent sure what they are talking about.

From now on i will make sure this person is not in any photo ever again.


burn said...

Well, we cannot please everybody. We just have to choose those people who wants to be in the video.

btw, thanks for the ec drop. I followed you in google connect I hope that you will do the same. 'tll next.