Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cold wont leave me alone

Today i went to the doctor again as my cold is not leaving me alone, this is the third week ive had it.
The most annoying part i find is that my ears are blocked, people talk to me and i tell them i cant hear to well and they talk up for a minute and then they start to talk normally again and you look at them and say "wanna repeat that, i cant hear you" they are starting to unblock but its a little weird being able to hear yourself eat.

The one funny thing is my new doctor has never seen
Lingual Tonsils, which just means the tonsil tissue is in my tounge. Today she said to me happily that i am the first person she has ever seen who has lingual tonsils and sure she has studied it, but to be able to see it is something different, ive had them since i was 12 im now 46 so of course they are normal for me and i have heard of other people who have had it.

Ive had to choose a new doctor as my old doctor was in a bad car accident and has broken his back, i heard today that he is now
quadriplegic. I hope he is not to much pain mentally and hope that him and his family are handling it ok.