Friday, July 16, 2010

Since having a cold

Since having a cold i have found out what i find some interesting things.

1. the reason you get a sore throat is because when you get the cold bacteria is made and it builds up in your throat

2. i had a ticklish throat when i had my cold... the one treatment i found that worked on me was to put salt and cold water in a glass and gargle it, after one treatment it worked great on me.

3. if you cough up phlegm and it is slightly yellow you have a infection and you need to get medication

4. the reason you get blocked ears, is because mucus builds up in the nasal passageway... some simple ways which are supposed to work are....yawn or open your mouth wide and swallow hard.
My ears are still blocked after a 4 weeks so im going to try one more idea to see if that works which is to Take warm water mixed with common salt, and place a small quantity on your palm. Slowly inhale this water so that it goes into your nostril and then breathe through your mouth or better still hold your breath.

Turn your head to the side where it is blocked. Do this a few times.
This is the site i got the information about unblocking your ears Yoga Health Benefits

Edit: well i tried the salt water idea and well it seems to work, it is the first time for weeks that i have been even able to pop my ear when blowing my nose.