Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dont get Males at times

There has been this guy on Facebook i have been talking too, he is about 20 years younger than me and he has always been asking me personal questions and most of them i answer with
... he doesn't need to know..

He then would come back with whats the big deal and i would answer "well why do you need to know, why is it a big deal for you to know"......he wouldn't like that and would stop talking to me which was fine by me.

He said something about coming to Sydney and did i want to meet and i said yeah sure why not, and then he said so will i get lucky and i said no why would he think that i don't know you...

The other day on Facebook i noticed how he has written that his ex-girlfriend who he has a child to is scarred to be around him cause of his temper and I'm thinking yeah i can see it by how he chats to me.

Today was the last straw, i was chatting with him and he was talking about sex and i was joking around saying stuff back to him and then he said something and i asked if he was turned on...his reply yes he was.......he next comment was would i like a picture of his penis so i could see it erect i said no thanks I'm not interested.

Later on after dinner i came back to a message saying "WB Big Tits" , i thought it a little rude and as i was sleepy i wrote back hmm

His comment back to me was along the lines of ...... i should lighten up I'm no fun ....and that I'm depressing to talk too....

This bothered me for a few minutes till i then remembered that i probably wasn't chatting with him how he wanted me to chat to him.....

I do suffer from depression, but i take medication for it which means i am very rarely depressed, but because of this and what he said it did hit me.

Lucky i am older and know that people play games and blame others instead of themselves, but why do people have to go around and try to make others feel bad when they are the ones that are bad?


Da Dude said...

I don't know how old you are but I've been around the block a few times. The world, over the years, has become insensitive to others. Some how it has become the me first, instant gratification generation. Generation XYZ? Common courtesy is lacking.

Your chat "friend" was just going for instant gratification. The GF was afraid of him because she probably stopped making him #1 after the baby. He is lashing out to be #1 again.

Unless you are looking to get into an abusive on line relationship, I'd unfriend him.

Ashrt said...

@ Da Dude

Oh i wont be chatting with him again.

It took a few minutes to see what he was doing then i saw that he was just being a bully and i wasent playing his game.

Im over 40 so i had a slight idea what he was doing, but i pity the other females he talks too